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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by rookiemower, Jun 3, 2003.

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    i am 19 yrs old just started this year, luckly my dad owns a business and this helped me alot, he was able to let me use their 5x12 trailor and their sthil trimmer i had enough money to pay for more than half of my new gravely 36" and my parents borrowed me the other part, i purchased a cheap yard machines trim mower from home depot and i lined up some accounts with family and friends right now i have 7 accounts and i plan on having maybe 25-30 by the end of the summer i just learned how to weld and i went down to my uncles fab shop and built myself a really nice trimmer rack and tool holder for nothing with some scrap steel i use my 2000 explorer to haul my trailor even though it looks kid of dumb but i plan on making enough money to pay my parents back and maybe to trade my car in for a newer pickup
    right now i attend a community college and maybe with the money i make can pay my parents back for my tuition
    i am very grateful of how i was able to start i know many of you had better stories and i got to say some of you really are amazing for what you went though to be your own boss and live the american dream i am fortunate to be able to start so well off
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