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starting out


LawnSite Senior Member
just starting out and I would like to get some feed back as to which area I should stick with. My partner and I have broken the business down into these 5 areas:
Aeation,Fertilization, Cut/edge, Clean-up,Pressure wash. My partner and I are thinking about selling each plan and trying to push a total package deal.
We will launch are business in Feb. I'm thinking about starting with Areation in March followed by fertilization. Each will be sold seperate but we will offer discount if they get on a 5 step fertilization program. I understand the possible profit potentioal in fertilization.
For a beginner is it advised to start this route or stick to just cutting.
I live in Alabama and the soil is very hard. I see a big need for areation. I feel if we educate our customers as to why they need our service we will sell more. I would like some feedback as to how others handle a package deal or other services? I would also like to know if having this many services is reasonable for just starting out?


LawnSite Senior Member
SW Missouri
Welcome to Lawn Site. If you will use the search function and do some reading, most of your questions will be answered.