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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Jozgators, Jul 18, 2004.

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    Started couple years ago with pickup truck, craftsman mower residential handtools. Just cut friends yards. Started growning slowly by word of mouth. Never advertised didn't want to get to big. Was taking to long to get things done, so invested meang loan for trailer, Gravely WB48 inch, Kawasaki and Redmax backpack blower in fall 2002. Still didn't want to quit day job. But then my faimily life changed Aug 14 2004 my son Logan was diagnosed with Lukemia, what a shock. He is in remission and undergoing treatment until mid 2006. With this news one of us had to quite or job to be with him becuase of all the treatments. Now looking to go almost full time, wife is going back to teaching and I will watch Logan Tue and Wed. Greatfull for lawn care business and just bought my first ztr, business is going well.

    Jozef Lozicki
    Sons web page is is anybody is intrested.
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    Our children do so much for us but one of the main things they do is push us toward reaching our potential.Good luck with your business and best wishes to Logan.
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    howdy clermont, we mow the vanfleet trail through the green swamp near you 29 miles on each side from mabel to polk city just started a month ago we are the new contractors, good luck to you.
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    Thanks Wreak I they changed the web site from .com to .org. I am always forgetting that. I wish I would have started this business a long time ago, even though it is hard work. I really do enjoy it. Good luck to you Jaybird I wish you all the best.

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