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    Hey guys,
    I moved to new bern a year ago and left the first branch of my business in boone, north carolina. When I left that branch I also left behind all of the equipment and now all I have to work with at the moment is a self propelled push mower, a trimmer and a backpack blower. I have searched numerous websites and businesses to see if they could help me out any at all and there is nothing that they can do as far as helping me with epuipment costs. I don't need commercial walk behind mowers and zero turn mowers and edgers like I had at my Boone, NC branch but I need more than what I have in order to complete all of my jobs. I was wondering if you guys could give me some feedback/tips or if anyone was selling any used equipment of theirs for cheaper than local dealers? Any help and/or input is helpful and greatly appreciated!!

    Matt Presnell

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