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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by BotetourtBoy3, Jun 10, 2007.

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    Next year i am planning to open a lawn care business. I was wondering what kinda equipment, insurance and other stuff will i need? any tips that a person like me just starting should know? thanks for ya'lls help
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    Oh dear. Well, for staters, you will need a reliable lawn mower (start with a 21''). Good brands are: John Deere, Snapper, Toro, Cub Cadet, and Lawn Boy. Get one with a commercial engine (this means going to a dealer-not Home Depot or Sears Hardware). 6 hp is usually sufficient. A mulcher or bagger is up to you: a bagger is nice in the fall with the leaves. Self-propelled is usually standard on a commercial model. Then you will need a good commercial string trimmer; they run about $300. Good brands are Stihl, Echo, or Husqvarna. The Echo is avaliable at Home Depot, though. A good blower is a must, though not neccessarily a backpack blower. This will set you back about $100 - $300 for a light-duty commercial model. Large gas cans are a must, also, try to find a good quality pair of sunglasses, also, leather gloves are a must - have. As far as insurance, you should be able to purchase a relatively inexpensive liablity plan ($250,000) for anywhere from $500. You might also want to look into getting a general contractors liscense (about $50) and registering your business legally.

    So. . . Costs upfront. . .

    Lawnmower $800
    Trimmer $300
    Blower $300
    Gloves, Gas cans, Trimmer line, Sunglasses etc. $50

    Insurance and liscense $600?

    Total (this is a very rough estimate) $2,100
    And I suppose you already have a truck/trailer?


    1. The customer is always right
    2. The best cutomer is the one you already have.
    3. Your reputation is based a large part on you edging quality and finish work.
    4. Advertise!

    -Hope this helps.
  3. BotetourtBoy3

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    no i sure dont have a truck i am lookin to buy one tho (FORD of course) but its kinda hard to get one tho bc im only 16 and not the richest so i am tryin to work for some money(tryin to get the parents to help out) but i suppose ill get one soon. also can a person of my age get insureance?

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