Starting to grow trees. Need Help

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by JCLandWerks, Nov 5, 2003.

  1. JCLandWerks

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    I was thinking about growing trees on a few acres of our farm. I was wondering what would be the best kind to grow and really just the basics of doing it. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you

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    for your owne use or 4 sale?
    do u have deer if so good luck
  3. ztoro

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    plenty styles of evergreens, pears, oaks.........

    plant a crap load the deer will not eat them all but they do rub them in the late fall.... as long as you plant a crap load you should be alright
  4. NCSULandscaper

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    We are fixing to plant a couple thousand trees to use ourselves. We are going to plant the trees we use the most, and the trees that people ask for the most, plus a few new unusual trees just to introduce new things to the area. Its fairly easy to start a field nursery. Make sure you have a good water supply, dont plant the seedlings too deep and make sure you take soil samples often to keep the soil at optimal levels for each species you plant. You can easily plant close to 1000 trees per acre of field you have and by the time you dig them out the spacing can be closer in the field than out on the jobsite because they only get to a certain size. Its easier to get your trunk height and caliper first before you go in and get your canopy to size. Simple pruning on a canopy can dramatically make a difference in the way it grows.
  5. JCLandWerks

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    I plan on selling the trees. I farm and do lawn care right now. I am looking to expand a little. I live about 40miles south of Chicago. What are the most popular trees around here?
  6. SCL

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    1. Purple White Ash
    2. Autumn Blaze or Oct. Glory Maples
    3. Crabs
    4. Norway Maples
    5. Spruces
    6. Pears
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  8. brentsawyer

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    I just ordered 500 or so 6-8' 1" trees that I'll be planting this Feb. First off, I would recommend planting only about 500 per acre if you intend on them being shade trees that you want to get 1.75-2" caliper out of. This will let you mechanically dig them at the time they are ready without damaging surrouding trees. I bought the larger trees since I would like to get something back out of this in relatively a short time frame and expand from there. The varieties that I'm starting w/ are Red Sunset, Legacy Sugars, Green Ash, River Birch, Weeping Cherry and Purple Ash. These are the most common and are relatively good growers that fetch similar prices year after year w/ little diseases w/ exception to the Ash. I am also growing burning bush, chinese snowball and trying to find some boxwoods and holly. I would recommend checking w/ you local University Hort. program and talk w/ someone in nursery production to see if they can help w/ local questions or anything or local concern. Good luck.

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