Starting to spread my options, like my two investments?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by soloscaperman, Jun 12, 2011.

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    My camera is a little burly but this was the best $50 spent. I also read that book that you people raved about " Who moved my cheesecake." Wasn't crazy about the book but one thing that stuck in my mine is something about change or you will go extinct. Well I am starting to realize everybody mows and does the basic services like Mulch, cleanups, and snow plowing. I want to differentiate myself even more. I mean if you have two LCO's and one maybe be a few bucks more but knows everything possible I would hire him. The point of home owners hiring us is not because of cheap labor so they relax but to have the best yard and have a highly knowledgeable person doing professional work. This market is getting flooded with schmucks and people tend to put us in that group unless you roll up in a brand new GMC 3500 lol.

    I went to the book store last night and started fishing around looking at landscaping books and this was the one I like because it tells everything that you should know about all kinds of plants in my region, how to prune and digging etc..... The quality of the photo's are stunning and this is the kind of book you show your customer if your doing a flower bed design or planting.




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    After you get all that info and land some nice jobs because of it, buy a better camera ! ;o]
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    i like the how to pay zero taxes too:laugh:
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    Yeah it's a good thing you posted those pictures here on the Internets for all to see,
    now we all know who has no intention of paying their taxes!

    Don't forget to inform your customer that you bought that book,
    I am sure some will appreciate you learning how to break the law.

    Then again it probably tells you stuffs like, if you earned no money, you owes no taxes.
    I could have told you that.
  6. Will P.C.

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    I think the book is legal, I just want to learn more about the tax system. This is my 3rd year in my business and I'm getting old at almost 28. I'm starting to realize that knowledge is the best selling tool and no matter how fast or hard you work you need that in order to move up in this business not to make more money but to survive as well.
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    Keep reading and don't let anyone give you a hard time about it. The more you learn the better, especially on the business end of things. That tax book is completely legal(tax avoidance is legal, tax evasion is not).
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    I just picked up a very similar book to the one you posted about Northeast Gardening and I love it. I'm a huge believer in continuing education and lifelong learning.
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    I just showed the customer the book this morning and they copied a few pages and are deciding where there going to place them on there lawn. It took me awhile to build a flower bed that wraps around there hilly border. I am going to use plant books as a selling tool. I Can't believe just by shoving bright pretty photo's of plants how the home owners get excited like Charlie sheen on coke.

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