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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by MOWSTAUG, Aug 6, 2008.


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    I have a unique situation. I recently left a very well paying job for a better job that pays less than half. I need to suppliment my income and I would like to start a small lawn care business. I want to do it with just one employee. Me. I'm no stranger to hard outside work. I just need advise on how to start up. I do not want to hire a lawyer to help set up a business. That would be a waste of $$$. My goal is somewhere around 10-20 accounts that I could manage part time. Any advise will be a big help.
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    Get all of your business licenses, insurance and any other paper work needed to start your business. Then go to a local equipment dealer and talk to them about mowers, trimmers and blowers. Discuss with them the your situation and see what mower(s) they would suggest you get. Dealer support is a HUGE factor when buying equipment. If you go to a good dealer they will help you with anything you may need. I recommend Toro or Exmark for mowers and Stihl for trimmers and blowers.
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    there is this kid that runs a lawn biz in an upscale neighborhood that I do work in. He is a little punk, but man he has a nice set up.

    He has a 48" lazer hp with a little 4 foot trailer with a trimmer rack mounted to it. he has a garbage can, hedge clippers, gas can, edger, trimmer blower. Everything you would need to run a lawn biz. All Echo 2 cycle stuff.

    I was talking to him and he does around 20 yards in this one neighborhood. Several jobs are side by side, but all are within a few blocks of his house. he just drives the mower to the jobsite, pulls a pin and drops the trailer and he is off. It is a real nice set up.

    If he has yard waste, he leaves it curbside, cause here in Hillsborough County one day a week they pick up yard waste.

    A setup like that would be awesome for you if you just targeted your own neighborhood.

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