**Starting up a side hustle business?**


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Southern NJ
I’m located in NJ. Contemplating starting a side hustle in which I go out and apply all scheduled steps, throughout the growing season, to peoples yards, from fertilization to pre-em to bio stims and weed control.

I have a few questions:

*I have an hourly rate I’m thinking, for my time, however, how do you calculate how much profit to charge, on top of the fertilizer you’re utilizing? Obviously, price of fertilizer and amount used based upon yard size is the beginning of calculating cost, but what is the average “profit percentage,” thrown on top?

*Is there a license needed to apply fertilize in NJ?

*I would imagine LLC is the best way to go? For protection purposes?

*Any other thoughts/comments/concerns, I’ll greatly take heed to.

If you would rather PM me instead of posting publicly, completely understandable. I’m just thankful for your time.


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Wow, BEFORE you start....learn, read, and get your license. Getting your license will teach you a lot about IF you want to go this direction. To protect yourself get insurance, get your business structure in place first. Learning about the product and what it is for and what/when to apply it is just the beginning. Record keeping is another first step. Proper application/equipment is another. Protecting yourself and clients and environment is another. Proper chemical storage and inspections are another. Label reading is another. Calibration and wind/rain/weather is another.......this is just the beginning.......


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Mt. Laurel, NJ
All professional fertilizer applicators and lawn care providers are required to undergo training and become certified through the NJ Agricultural Experiment Station at Rutgers University. To learn more, go to the Professional Fertilizer Applicator Certification and Training website

and for pesticide applications:


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Perhaps we need to get clarification on what the original poster means by side Hustle
I could see doing a full service lawncare thing on the side of a career, like on the weekends. Reminds me of what I’m going for but on a small scale. OP could probably get 5-10 high end full service accounts and make some decent money. Of course the term “side hustle” brings to mind lawn jockey.

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