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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by bigrig1, Jun 5, 2005.

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    Hey all,
    I posted this already but that was before I noticed there was a section esp for this subject. I'm located in the midwest and used to have a busy part time mowing business. I had 18-20 clients in the suburbs located within a 3 mile radius of my home for about 4 years. I had no contracts, had no complaints and lost very few accounts from year to year. Some of you will say I was a scrub, but I did a good job & carried liability insurance & a business license. I was thinking about getting back in the business but this time going full time. I have no doubt I can pick up a lot of residence mowing at $35-40 per home(reg sized yards, avg 1/4 acre), but I was wondering on the average, is it realistic to think I could get many homeowners to go with full maintenance type agreements similiar to what the big commercial companies do. This would be mowing plus spring & fall clean-ups, fert & weed control, beds cleaned & shrubs trimmed a few times, aeration, dethaching etc.

    Do most homeowners get cold feet when they see all that stuff on 1 sheet of paper?

    I'm thinking I can average aroud $70/per hr, per man gross revenue by mowing alone, would you guys think I should just try to fill up my schedule w/ all the mowing I can or are these other things just as much or more profitable?

    Appreciate any responses
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    Well the way I do it is kinda like al la carte. Let them choose the services they want with complete full service being the most expensive but the best value in the long run. If you do go full service, 1st make sure you are licensed to apply fert. and weed spray. You won't need to have as many accounts as you did if your full service versus mow and go, and I doubt you would want to because if you start to fall behing on some aspects of their service, ie. trimming, you'll never be able to catch up like you could just cutting, they drop you quick and it's alot harder to pick-up another full service account than just a mow and go account. I have 11 less accounts at full service yet net 32% more than just cutting.
    Hope this helps, Jim
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    good to hear from you bigrig1 i can relate i think you have to go with what the season dictates from what i know about your part of the world it is similar to mine in respect to climate i personally dont worry about contracts either just a good old fashion handshake deal by the why what is a scrub
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    A scrub is what most guys call someone who is just an owner operator, no insurance, no licenses, no advertising, little to no overhead etc. Basically a lowballer. Of course I was neither a lowballer and carried insurance.

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