starting up during the fall months

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Byerley, Nov 12, 2013.

  1. Byerley

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    I am trying to figure out every way I can to get a jump on things. I live in Oregon so for the most part our winters are very mild. Would anyone try starting up their lawn care business during this time of year. I have a full time job right now so this is not my only income but does any body think that it would be worth starting up right now
  2. TTS

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    I'm not familiar with your part of the world but locally we're at a point where things are just about done for fall and there's not much other than plowing until spring. That said there's no harm in starting your advertising now, maybe you'll get someone who wants you to do something over the winter, maybe you'll get a few early birds for spring. I wouldn't spend a ton of money on advertising now but do what you can to start getting your name out there and get all your ducks in a row for spring. If you don't have one work on getting a website, use and claim all your free listings so people can find you when they do start looking.

    There are lots of behind the scenes things you can do to ensure you're successful whenever you actually start working, work on those things now too. Set up a call sheet or checklist, something to ensure you get all the information and the same information every time someone calls. Set up your estimating and invoicing systems whatever you plan to do. Most importantly write your business plan.
  3. Byerley

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    Oregon for the most part gets little to no snow. Lots and Lots of leaves on the ground though.
  4. TTS

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    Print some flyers and hang them around town on the various bulletin boards where your target clientele might frequent. Toss an ad on craigslist. For little to no money you've got your name out there at least. May get a few calls for clean ups may not but if you don't start advertising you definitely won't get any calls.
  5. Byerley

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    Thanks soon as am finished getting legal I am young to get going on advertising see what happens
  6. Shades of Green LService

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    Advertise in a local paper. Worked for me when i was starting out.
  7. echo

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    Craigslist is free. Make a nice professional add with PICTURES. Update your add twice a day at least and not sure how popular it is in your area, but it has gotten me a ton of business. Weed out the cheapskates and the jobs nobody wants and you should be in good shape for free advertising. You can put your Facebook and website on with the ad.
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  8. recycledsole

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    For landscaping there is a lot going on right now. Don't know if you do least remOvals or not? U started last year. Craigslist and flyers
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  9. newguy123

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    Absolutely jump in and start right now. If you don't, you'll be that much farther behind.
  10. Byerley

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    Thanks as soon as am legal I am going to stay advertising

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