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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by michiganmower10, Mar 1, 2013.

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    If you can get everything done in 3 days I think it sounds like a great opportunity to do exactly what you hope to do, go full time for yourself. Your dad’s established reputation is valuable, and it looks like a natural step for his son to take over. I second SIRKY, he probably kept his best accounts and may be willing to “sell” for you to get some of the “downsized” properties back. I also think jsroda gave you some great advice, Craigslist can a great way to get equipment. There is a good chance you could find a whole set up at a great price. It would be great if you could make it through the year with your current truck, but watch the repairs and down time. If it is spending 2 or 3 days a month in the shop, it may be worth borrowing for a decent used truck.

    Good Luck.
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    to try to answer all questions, at the moment my 48" was my fathers but i know am in possession of it, we had more mowers but over the course of the last year we went down to just that walk behind, we had a few of them combined at one point but some were ones he had frankensteined together and eventually it got to the point where dumping money into them was going to match the value of what there original cost was so they were cannibalized or sold off if i could keep them running long enough to drive up on someones trailer ha. The other issue with borrowing which in a matter of fact i went and talked to a bank today was i have no credit due to me always paying cash, brightside i have no debt, downside i cant borrow either. I just feel with the way the truck/trailer/mower look, it looks like im a homeless guy cutting grass lol i just feel that a truck and either rehabbing/buying a new trailer is in order, i also now i need another mower, and so form of advertising near him, i guess if i tryed to go after his downsized accounts i could try but then again he stepped out of the spotlight and other companys stepped in, this being said i just need to figure how much money/effort needs to be put into advertisement, my stress/confusion level is too dam high.
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    Sounds like you need to find a company going out of business and buy their whole set up: truck, trailer, and equipment would be your best bet, but if you do this MAKE SURE you go through and look everything over so you don't get ripped off! Haggle the living day lights out of them, don't be afraid to bring up things that are wrong with the equipment. But FIRST find out what all they have then you can do some research and find out what its worth new and used then based on the condition of their equipment you can make a good judgement of price for it all. Knowing your stuff when buying used equipment is your best friend!!! Also don't jump the gun, sometimes if something looks to good to be true it is, trust me been there and done that, its a beast! Appearance is very important in this line of work, you want to look like a professional, people judge a lot by first impressions and the way you look, but overall it is the quality of work and workmanship you provide. So keep that old beater cleaned up, throw some fresh paint on that old trailer and go out there and make some money!!
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    Here is the simplest way to decide what you want to do. Look at both situations and consider one thing alone. Can I make money with my current truck/equipment etc on this route? If the answer is Yes, then look at the next step to the puzzle. Can I maintain both routes using what I have now as far as equipment? If the answer to the second part is Yes, then do both. It is good to be established in two area because as you grow, you are growing in two directions, whereas if you only establish in one area, you can only grow one way. Think about what you currently have for equipment and whether or not you can do it with said equipment. Once you start mowing you will make money and the newer better equipment will come in time, if it doesn't, then you need to re assess where you are in your pricing. Good luck with your startup, I think you will do fine in whatever decision you make.
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    well it seems im going into buisness at least part time unless i really get a good amount of calls going, got some buisness cards coming, a few yard signs, some door magnets for old faithful(there only some basic vista print logos but i think for just my first year having my name and phone number will help a little bit, ill get fancy once i get a truck worth lettering)and thank god for my connections, im friends with some of the biggest contractors near me and have 'first dibs' on equipment being sold this year so i might be getting a 60" Lazer or Procat(obviously used) but i know both the companys selling mowers and they both have extremely routine maintenance schedules and besides that ive personally used a few of the machines working for these guys over the years, after i can get a zero turn ill look into a trailer and maybe a 36" for gates, believe it or not i turn alot of people down because for some odd reason that all of us who have been doing lawns for any amount of time its always the pain in the ass yard either huge or full of f**king random s**t and the only mower you can get in there is a 21" because your other mower is a 48 or 60:cry: besides that ill be looking for truck over the year depending on how much buisness i can scrape up, ill get some pics of the signage when it comes in at end of week
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    a few yard signs, buisness cards, and a few door magnets, hopefully getting a rider come monday or tuesday and possibly a 7x14 tandem with surge brakes to replace my 6x12 single racked out
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    Some door magnets and the old yukon:usflag:


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    Any opinions anybody?

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