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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by SGT_USMC, Apr 16, 2007.


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    I'm a Sgt in the United States Marine Corps, I am currently looking to break in to the landscaping business once I get out in 2010, how do I go about getting my certification? I am looking at to get my career diploma in landscaping, is this all the certification I need to start a business? I am totally new to this but enjoyed doing it part time while I was in high school around the neighborhood for a couple bucks...I also need something to fall back on once I get out of the corps...any suggestions would be great on how to go about getting certified. Thanks in advance...:usflag:
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    depending on WHAT you want to do.... I mean as in the landscaping/lawn service business. there are several areas to specialize in...
    just to cut grass in most states you dont need any certifications.

    however to spray most states you DO... there is also making ponds, water falls and such, also I kno around my area there are several guys that just install sod.
    1st thing decide what area "business" you want to do then you can check your local state Business web sites for anything you may need,
    there is also in TEXAS anyway the small business admin that helps with grants and loans.

    Good luck

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    Ok, good input, thanks for the advise. I was thinking about doing a little bit of everything? Is that to far fetched to consider? I am looking at cutting grass and lawn care to start out, but then get into bigger projects when I establish my business and get a few steady clients under my belt. Like I said, I know nothing about landscaping other than mowing grass? lol, I want to learn everything so that there is no room for "I don't know" when talking to a client if they want something specific done...on another subject, what about john deere mowers? Are they bunk? or just to costly? How much is insurance for a lawncare business? I know its got to be costly, if so, how much does everyone charge for certain things to cover operation costs? I ask only because I'm tring to figure out if this is the field for me?
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    WOW your really hitting it hard here....
    Most of us started out cutting grass and from there we would do allmost whatever in the landscaping area that a customer wanted us to do. equiptment, insurance, and employee cost are the greastest. I once worked for a man that ONLY did houses. we ran 2 man crews NO clean up's NO tree trimming, He ran 4 crews and we would cut 8 to 10 yards a day.
    we had NO walkbehinds just yur plane ole 21" self proples mower's.
    dont do like a lot of us "me included" and jump out there and spend 10,000 and not have the customers....
    to cut commershial you need 1 million dollaes worth of insurance for most places y can get that for like 4 to 500 a year....
    Will post more later I have to go bid.... keep reading from this board and you will learn a ton.....
    it's also great theropy.....
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    That school is not a "bad" idea any knowledge is good knowledge I also was looking into it as well. As far as the idea of starting small and growing gradually thats exactly what were supposed to do its a great idea to want to expand and have options in your business, its not a bad thing if done right. You must focus on 1 aspect at a time get good a that then try something else, but gaining the "book" knowledge while doing this is a great idea IMO. Use the search feature on this forum for general questions ie. insurance,cost,biding you'll find tons of reading.
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    I'm in Searcy.

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