Starting up in Toronto, On. Looking for some help/advice.

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    First off I would like to thank you for your time and any help or advice you can give me is appreciated. I am wanting to start up a small lawn care business here in Toronto, just taking care of residential homes. Cutting, trimming, weeding and possibly some small gardening. My main focus would just be cutting and trimming and going from there.

    I have searched the forum but the posts I found were from 2001 and I am not sure if the laws have changed so I apologize if this topic has bring brought up.

    My questions: Is there any licensing required that I will have to get? I have been reading that you need a license for spraying but I do not plan on spraying. (and I do believe pesticides are now illegal here in ontario, correct me if I am wrong or misinformed)

    I have been looking on kijiji and craigslist for some used equipment and haven't had much luck. If anyone in the area is looking to sell some of their used but in good working order equipment I would be interested. If you do not have any would you be able to suggest any local dealerships that you have had a favorable experience with? I am hoping to get a 21" mower and possibly a 32" or 36", along with a blower, trimmer. If anyone with more experience has any input I am more than happy to hear it. Several years ago when I was 13 I cut lawns on my street and at a trailer park by my cottage and I was successful. My goal is to create a small lawn care business that will help me pay for my university and once I am through pass it on to my younger brother to help him with his tuition as well.

    Anyone doing business in this area what kind of advertisement have you found works best? I am planning on making up flyers and picking a neighborhood and going door to door this week. I am hoping to build up a client list and see if there is interest in people hiring my services. I am not sure if this is wishful thinking but I have been hoping to get about 50 lawns? Is that feasible?

    Thanks again for your time. I am sorry for the length of the post, if you were able to last to the end any help would be appreciated.

    All the best.

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