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Starting up my Lawncare business this year

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I just recently turned 15 and decided that I'd do something with my life. ha.
So I've passed out about 20 flyers and talked to about 40 people around the neighborhood. I am mostly going to do mowing and then we also do removal of leaves and a small landscaping jobs. I am actually on a job removing leaves from about a 1/2 acre of property, and these things are packed on the ground! But I've had many people tell me there interested and they'll be givin me a call. So hopefully with my fingers crossed I'll start rollin some phone calls and rackin some cash! :cool2:

But the best advice I can give anyone that wants to start up there own lawncare business or any business for that matter, you can't get work if you don't put your foot out the door. So try try try and don't give up!

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I can remember when I was 15 and mowing yards in Norfolk, VA. I was charging 5 dollars a yard. Just cuttng no raking up leaves or trimming. I can't remember if they even had trimmers back then. Congrats on your business. Show your parents your independence by having your own $$ to purchase items or save for the future.
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