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Starting up my Lawncare business this year

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I just recently turned 15 and decided that I'd do something with my life. ha.
So I've passed out about 20 flyers and talked to about 40 people around the neighborhood. I am mostly going to do mowing and then we also do removal of leaves and a small landscaping jobs. I am actually on a job removing leaves from about a 1/2 acre of property, and these things are packed on the ground! But I've had many people tell me there interested and they'll be givin me a call. So hopefully with my fingers crossed I'll start rollin some phone calls and rackin some cash! :cool2:

But the best advice I can give anyone that wants to start up there own lawncare business or any business for that matter, you can't get work if you don't put your foot out the door. So try try try and don't give up!

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thats good motivation. the most rewarding thing about owning my own business i knowing that im doing legit business with the general public because of something i have established. being your own boss is the best feeling in the world. whether you make $100/month cutting grass or $15000/month installing entire landscape jobs, generating money from your ideas and effort is 100 times better than bringing in all that money for some corporate jackass.
I totally agree with that! Hopefully the sun will stay out and I can go to workk soon.
Bobcat, I deffinitly learned the hard way with those leaf jobs, I way under bid on my first year, now, I walk the property and kick up leaves all over place just to see how thick, wet, or clumped down they are. You are on the right track, over 50% of my business is word of mouth. As for equipment, always keep your eyes open, yard sales, craigslist, ebay,etc. Always have backup equipment as something will break sooner or later. Last years, I had 4 blowers, 6 rakes, etc, now down to 2 blowers and 2 rakes, as the others broke. Got to get more rakes!
I've been shopping around on craigslist lately for some mowing equipment. But your right, I started the leaf job on tuesday and about 30 mins into the job I chipped 2 teeth off my leaf rake. lol. But the job I'm on the leafs are seriously compacted/wet/smashed down. Were going back one day this upcoming week to finish it up. But so far no calls about mowing but quite a few were interested so hopefully I can get atleast a few accounts for my company to start growing.
Congratulations Austin! It's refreshing to hear someone of your age taking a step to make something of themselves and is not afraid to get out there and make it happen! Good luck to you!

Alyssa ~
I've always wanted to own my own business so I thought why not start now. And your right, most people my age wouldn't even pick up a shovel or a rake. And if they did they most likely wouldn't know what to do with it. When I was about three years old I would go to the job site with my grandpa (he's in construction) and ride on the equipment and help (or try my best) to help him. I'm not scared to put in a hard days work, but I think its just flat out sad that all the people in my generation do basically absolutely nothing.

But anyways, thanks to everyone for the advice and hopefully things will start clicking and I can make something happen with the business. :usflag:
Buy more metal tine rakes. Save up for a BR600, it's worth it's weight in gold for any kind of cleanup job.
Dude that BR600 looks like a freakin beast!
o it is, probably one of the best blowers I have ever used. I am however going to be getting the biggest shinidwea (or however you spell it lol)... but anyways, i'm 19 and I have been doing this business for a while. Its good to see other young entrepreneurs out there that have the same perspective on a hard days worth of work. Good luck this season, keep up the hard work. Even if you do not end up doing it for the rest of your life just being able to say you own your own company wows so many people. It WILL help get you into many great colleges on some nice packages (trust me)
Thanks man. Best of luck to you to with your business this season!
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