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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by LawnMike, Jul 11, 2003.

  1. LawnMike

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    from Canada
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    I'm thinking of getting out of my current business of 4yrs,been doing good but I'm sick of working indoors!!

    I want to startup a lawn care business,I've got about 7yrs experience with yardcare,though most of it was with pest & weed control,a bit of experience with irrigation.
    Anyway want to concentrate mainly in lawncare cutting,dethatching,aeration,weed control,fertilizing.

    My question is what should I get for mowers?Got a self propell Honda,shindawa trimmer,but looking for a more productive machine for larger yards.

    I'm mainly interested in residential work and small commercial
    so I don't want somthing to big.

    Looking forward to get started next spring,can't wait to work outdoors again!!

    Thanks for any help
  2. the scaper

    the scaper LawnSite Senior Member
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    put out flyers and buy a exmark z rider . you'll never regrete it! :D :cool:
  3. battags

    battags LawnSite Senior Member
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    Just pray your spring mowing season won't start out too slow, with cool temps and relatively dry weather, only to be followed by massive flooding.

    Just when you are ready to build an Ark and start rounding up two of everything, pray you don't have 14 days in a row of 90+ degree heat and no rain.

    Just when that happens, pray that you won't have severe flooding from more "biblically proportional" rains and have three of you clients back yards under 3 feet of water, 1 with a bridge over a creek to his backyard washed out (the only way you can get a 52" mower back there!!!!), one with a 350' gravel drive that washed out onto his nice thick lawn, and 8 with 30+ year old oaks and maples uprooted across their lawn.

    Basically, have faith and keep an positive attitude. :dizzy: You'll be fine. Oh, stay active on Lawnsite for good therapy sessions, as needed.

  4. EJK2352

    EJK2352 LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Man I hear you Brian!!!! Same thing here in Salem. Very strange weather to say the least!!!
  5. battags

    battags LawnSite Senior Member
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    Seriously, Lawn Mike, use the search function and key words like 'advise', 'starting up', 'new business', etc. You will find a wealth of information there.

    Buy quality equipment, if you can, and start out slow. If you try running before you can walk, you may get tripped up....

    Good luck, and welcome to!!

  6. dvmcmrhp52

    dvmcmrhp52 LawnSite Platinum Member
    from Pa.
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    Go slow is great advice Too Too many people want to take on more work and the kinds of work they are just not prepared for.Causes nothing but ulcers and dissatisfied customers.Growing a business successfully is a balancing act between bankruptcy and sanity in the first 2-3 years if you don't go at a reasonable and thought through pace.
    Best of luck to you!
  7. mtdman

    mtdman LawnSite Gold Member
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    If you are going to start with smaller residentials, don't jump in with a huge rider that won't fit in the yard. Get a small walkbehind and work your way up to larger mowers/larger lawns.


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