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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by MMarshall, Jun 5, 2006.

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    Hello everyone,

    Me and two friends have decided to start a lawn care business. I realize solo is the way to go, but we all have the needed equipment combined to enable a quick startup, so we said what the heck and are going to see how long we can make it last.

    We live in a town with about 20,000 people...we are posting an ad in the newspaper today, but what may be another way to successfully gain customers? Flyers on cars, in mailboxes? Hunting down yards with long grass and door knocking?

    We have (so far) decided to stick to lawn care. If we get landscaping requests, we are not too sure just exactly how we would handle it and accurately give estimates. Should we consider any work requests since we will not have many customers at startup?

    Our biggest concern, is just how do we estimate quickly either mowing, or if in fact we did decide to landscape?

    Is there any threads possibly that give a good idea of current (residential) labor costs? Or are we better off purchasing a book on this topic?

    Any other tips you guys may want to throw out would be great.
    I appreciate any help on this startup. Thanks.
  2. jazak

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    1- What equipment exactly do you have?
    2- Make a business plan, how many lawns you want to have by"", equipment to have by"", write out that each person has to pay 1/3 of everything and the money gets split equally in your case 1/3,1/3,1/3. What I said in 11-13and only except checks written to your business name.Have everone sign it.
    3- Do all that you suggested about gaining acounts
    4- Do you have a truck?
    5- Are you insured-if not get it.
    6- For hardscaping if its a big job get a guy in there to give YOU a price NOT the customer then add some money to it.
    7- If its real easy- bushes, planting, small retainer walls, then do it just don't give out cheap prices to get the job because once you are done you will kick yourself in the ass.
    8- Will you be doing seeding ext?
    9- Charge each lawn by size and how long it should take you.
    10- Get at leats 30 lawns or else you are screwed with that many people in business with you.
    11- SPLIT ALL the costs, and price of each account so each of you should own 1/3 of each account, 1/3 of each piece of equipmet, 1/3 of all the costs.
    13- If someone wants to quit which most likely will happen he sells you his share of each peice of the equipment and accounts. In your case 1/3 of everthing then there will be 2 of you left and you split that 1/3 between each of you so that you each now have 1/2 of the costs, accounts, equipment. Get it?
    14- Checks to business name ONLY as payments.
    If you nee more help pm me and also answer all my questions so I can help you better.

    Jared Kocaj
    Kocaj Tree & Lawn
    Over 20 years in business
  3. kevinslomo

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    1) Call local listed companies ask there quote for a standard size yard. Standard is usually 3/4 acre or less.

    2)start a price with your current customers. Then work your way to the price as you get the experince. maybe $5.00 a season.

    3) which I should have placed first be prayerful and if you have any friends i the business ask them there prices.

    4) wishn you and your company the best in service and prosperity. Take care n GOD BLESS O-:)
  4. jazak

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    Just like kevin said find out what other lcos are asking and ask about $5.00 less (only if you can afford to) then what they want. Also as long as you are insured and legit you can ask the same price as the other lcos.:)
  5. GrassQuester

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    Flyers Flyers Flyers
  6. daveintoledo

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    you are doomed to failure..... NEVER mix friendship and business,

    sounds like you really have no experience if you dont know how or what to bid.....

    are you licensed, insured, commercial plates and vehicle insurance, ready for workers comp, matching soc sec... and taxes...

    someone has to be the employee, you cant all be the boss

    are you over 18.... yes, it makes a difference....

  7. GrassQuester

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    Oh ya btw Make the biz for yourself I seriouslt doubt it will work out with 2 owners........It has been done before but at a much lower rate of success.

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