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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by KirbysLawn, Oct 17, 2000.

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    I have had a few have ask about our local association and how it was started because they would like to start their own local association. I spoke with Roy, he was the one who founded our association years ago and asked how he did it.

    This is what he said. First, he got the phonebook and started calling lawn companies about meeting at a pre-set time and location to discuss starting a local association. At that meeting the small group was delegated more people to call for the following meeting next month. At the next meeting other decisions were made such as structure, member charges, meeting dates, name, times, and other pertinent stuff.

    Dues were taken, flyers made, vendors contacted, phone established, PO box, and such. Educated local vendors (e.g. Lesco, McGinnis) or LMO's were contacted about teaching interesting subjects to members. It just grew from there.

    At our meetings door prizes are given which are donated by vendors, classes are taught, we have good fellowship, drinks and snacks, and often get CEU's for our license.

    If you live in a area where there is no association start one today!

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    Thanks for the info Ray!

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    Is CGMA affiliated with PGMS?

    Can you hook me up w/ membership info?
    I've emailed CGMA a couple of times, but they must be real busy.

    I'm intrested/intimidated in pushing to start a local pro ass (Off-season, of course!)
    Something has to be done to improve the state of the green industry here!
    I don't know what, but if a few of us put our heads together...

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    I have started to get the word out locally about The Local Order of MNBLCO. In order to be a member all you need is proof for non insurance due to cancellation, a contract for the season worth over $1500, and a flyer with your company information on it stateing any size lawn cut for $18 in this subdivision only.

    Mow-N-Blow LCO, President
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    I usully get the emails so I'm not sure what happened there? Check out our site at Give Sandy a call at 704-577-5933 and have her send you some information. Or, you can come to the meeting next Teusday at 7:30 pm in Charlotte. No affiliation with the PGMS.


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