Starting your own Weed control/fert buisness.. I got ?'s

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by TurfWerks, Mar 14, 2012.

  1. TurfWerks

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    Ok let me give you a break down of me. I have been in this industry 15 years. I have always worked for a company. With that being said I have experience in all types of weed controls, ferts, mixing, calibrations, identificatione etc... etc.... on lawns, also spent 5 years doing nothing but Landscape pest management and ferts.. I have what I feel is a competent knowledge..

    I also have tons of knowledge on equipment, products, and know how I wanna run my programs.

    I am hoping to do spraying only.

    What I need from you guys that have done it is maybe those surprise issues of costs you didnt think about or know about.. Also maybe some suggestions on software that is good for a route type service that does scheduling and invoices..

    Any advice is great.. Thanks
  2. phillie

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    My advice is to search the forums, because your questions have been answered before.
  3. ETM

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    Doing the work is the easy part. You can be the smartest guy out there. It's getting the work that will suprise you. Not easy
  4. inzane

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    as far as software goes, i've been messing around with the demo for gopher. so very limited experience here (2 or 3 hours of tinkering with it). i really like what it has to offer with tracking chemical applications. very easy to setup and use right away. I probally will end up using gopher myself when i get started, with a netbook or laptop in my truck.. i could have a printer for invoices, or even e-mail the invoice in PDF format to the customers that are ok with that. anyways, for 200 dollars, not to bad and its the easiest one i've used so far. so, check out gophersoftware. also, lawn pro seems OK, but i hear bad things about the customer support... i know with gopher, i was just trying it out, had one question and somebody got back to me within a few minutes. I also used groundskeeper pro for mowing only 5 years ago.. wasn't to impressed with it though. search on here for software, lawn applications. you will find lots to read.

  5. humble1

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    I would get quickbooks pro contractor edition to use as your accounting, billing package. Clip is what I use for scheduling. As far as things you don't plan for, that is too open. Running a biz there are always unplanned exp that come out of your profits. Like breakdowns for example, I broke 2 trailer springs last year w 200 tow bills I can't budget that in, you just hope it doesn't happen. Look at fuel or cost of goods sold going up. We don't know where they will go.
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  6. maleaco

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    Just put up lots of flyers, mailboxes, doors, whatever. The amount of effort you put into it is what you will get back.
  7. TurfWerks

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    Im working on this over the next 9 months with being ready to actually start Jan 1 2013. I may pick up some customers before then, but we will see. I have no issues knocking on doors, and selling services.. Im just looking for that " I didnt realize I coulda done this " type of responses.

    I have been reading on here for a few months now, and i have searched thank you.

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