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    My name is Nick and I starte mowing when i was 12 years old using my neighbors push mower, charging 10 dollars (seemed liek alot of money back then). Im 15 right now and worked my way up to have 18 customers around the neighborhood, and a johndeere 425. Next summer I'm planning on having around 30 customers if not more. I hit a big property manager this past summer and maintained his house. He said I would be able to put bids on all of his properties. I earned my money and saved it all to buy 2 new mowers which i bought a month ago. I take pride in my work, even though there are companies that dont agree with young men mowing. I will let you know how it goes about all of my other accounts.
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    great man looks like you might hit big! good luck with the property manager
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    Congrats on the business, looks like your doing great with that nice equipment.
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    Keep up the good work. Sounds like you are going to stay busy this summer. Keep selling!

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