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  1. 2brothersyardcare

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    so im selling my truck because i cant drive because im 16 and i will have my permit till im 17. i was talking to nj18 yesterday and he said get a hydro walk behind and put a green barrel on the top of the deck with my trimmer edger and blower in. i like this idea but do any of you have a better idea? thanks for the help.

  2. ALC-GregH

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    HUH? If the truck is worthy of using why sell it? Will you not need a truck or vehicle next year? I'd keep the truck and use what you already have to cut grass with. If your using a riding tractor, get a small pull behind cart to keep stuff in.
  3. Yerkz

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    I mow several yards in my neighborhood and instead using the truck and trailer I ride my mower. I have a 52" ZTR and I lay my Trimmer, edger and blower across the front and roll.
  4. MileHigh

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    what kind of truck?

    what equipment do you already have?

    in get your permit at age 15, and license at 16.
  5. kaferhaus

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    Yeah, I wouldn't sell the truck. So long as you stay in your neighborhood (hope you have sidewalks.... some cops will ticket you for driving a mower down the street) I'd just find a way to hang whatever I needed off the mower, pull a cart etc.

    There's a youngster in a neighborhood here that does just that and he's "legit"... too young to get a business license so his dad got one and "hired" him.

    He has that neighborhood sewn up pretty much too. But he sticks to cuttng, trimming and edging.

    He has a craftsman lawn tractor and a poly cart he pulls behind it up and down the sidewalks. (the reason I mentioned the "cops" is this kid made the paper last year because he was given a ticket for operating a non street legal machine on the public road. He and his dad fought it in court and lost. Judge told him to stay on the sidewalks and commended his work ethic. But the law is the law. fined him for court costs but not the ticket!

    First I ever heard of someone getting found "guilty" of a traffic offense and not having to pay the ticket... court costs were almost $200 though.
  6. 2brothersyardcare

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    im selling the truck because my parents won't sign for my license till im 17. and the insurance is going up because they found out that i plow.
  7. Kennedy Landscaping

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    Don't sell the truck if its worthy. Get out there and make that money, good luck this year!
  8. LB1234

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    if its all paved you should have a problem pushing a carryall barrel around (green barrel). Back pack blower will easily fit into it. Not sure of the line trimmer though. I would think that it would be a little akward (sp?) moving around at about 8mph. You will wear out the bottom of the barrel relatively quickly doing this...possilby one season.

    Could always put a hitch on hte back and get a wagon or nursery cart or something similar.
  9. 2brothersyardcare

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    thanks guys but the incherance is going up because i lied and said no plowing or comercial use and i showed up to pay the bill with my dad with the plow on so thats why the trucks going. the thing will be out of my drive way in less than 6 hours. plush the dump insert leaves tomarow. after giving my grandparents the cash back and paying my self for it it will make a profit of 1500. plush nj18 told me that he used to do it and i think he know what hes doing but whanted to see what all of you thought and i have all the nessisary tools but the bigger mower and better trimmer. so if you guys have a better idea would be great.

    thanks for all the help

  10. 2brothersyardcare

    2brothersyardcare LawnSite Silver Member
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    trucks gone and how would i put a cart on the wb?

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