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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by getdown, Jul 19, 2012.

  1. getdown

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    Okay, so I've decided to go with the commercial stihl kombi, the largest one, which I think is the 130? I figure that it will give me the power to use in any application, and the more power will put less stress on the engine (gas usage isn't as important to me as durability). I know it will be pretty heavy too, especially for just using as a trimmer, but I'm hoping I will get some nice muscles out of the deal too!

    I also really like the advice about keeping a professional image, and a clean truck, equipment, etc. I would 100% take the advice against the magnets and go with the vinyl decal (I agree), if it were a possibility. My wife and I rent in an HOA that won't allow me to park my truck with business logos. So the magnets, being removable are my only choice.

    Anybody who may have experience with the commercial kombisystems...I have another question. In my neck of the woods there is a LOT of skunkvine, bitter melon and virginia creeper, etc...just a lot of invasive vines that make a nice tangled mess. I am expecting that a lot of my side jobs (not grass/general maintenance) are going to be cleanup and light clearing. Out of your experience, which is the best add on piece for the kombi for this type of work. The pole pruners, or the brush cutter thing...or both? So far I've gone in there with a machete...and man, that got me a good work out! But was too slow to really make a good profit. Thanks!
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    Just get the $25 brush blade kit or the nylon blade brush head.
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    yes, always make sure you are upfront and clear on EVERYTHING. If your clients do contracts make sure you spell everything out and what is expected out of both sides. For example I know some guys if there is anything in the yard (playhouse, toys, whatever...) they mow around it and will not move it.

    I can't emphasis enough to make sure both sides are clear before the blades get engaged the 1st time. We have some larger residential that one mowing we trim just around the house, the next one the entire property (tree line and such), for additional $$$
  4. Blade Runners

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    I can't comment for full time work but I will say that doing part time you can do about 25+ bi-weeklys on weekends and after work. This is with a helper. Some of the accounts are 2+ acres and are only mowing (for right now ;)).

    Grey Flames gives some good advice that will pay off for you later. I think these are some of the things that are helping me grow with hardly any effort right now. Of course, quality of work and dependability helps alot too.

    Not to hijack but...
    Grey Flames, could you take a look at my website and give me a ballpark price on what it would cost to do this site in HTML5? Right now it is in flash and I am told flash is not good for SEO. Not to mention I cant even view/edit it on my iGadgets.
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  5. getdown

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    Thank you for your input as well, I really appreciate it! And no, you're not hijacking the thread! haha in fact, if some of you more experienced vets wouldn't mind checking out my website in progress, and adding a few pointers....I would be very happy to receive any advice! I'm trying to get my wife to take a photo with me and the family dog to add on the site. We will look professional, wearing my company's t-shirts, but family oriented as well.


    Oh yeah, the site is mednicklandscape.
  6. LandFakers

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    I checked out your site and I really liked it. The only thing I would have to say is I couldn't find your name anywhere. Maybe that should be in the "about..." section? It's your personal opinion but if I were calling to inquire about a lawn service I would have liked to know your name right off the bat. Other than that I really like your site! Nice work
  7. GreyFlames

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    No problem. We actually don't just make you a website and leave you be. We run small tests on all our websites to figure out how to make them better and convert more of your traffic into estimates. It is more of a partnership, because we care about making your business grow. There are a lot of features that are part of our programs. You should check them out at

    We charge a onetime $200 setup fee. If you signup by 8/5 I can actually waive it. Then all you have to pay is the monthly plan price.

    Starter Plan - $22 a month
    3 Service Pages
    10 Service Zipcodes

    Growth Plan - $32 a month
    10 Service Pages
    30 Service Zipcodes

    Enterprise Plan - $42 a month
    20 Service Pages
    90 Service Zipcodes

    We make the process very easy. You just send us our short questionnaire, content, and any images you want included. We can even write the content for you, it is typically $250 or less.

    Any other questions just send me a private message.
  8. getdown

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    Hey Landfakers.

    Were you talking about my site or about BladeRunners?

    BTW, where about in CT are you? I'm born and raised, 3rd generation New Havener.

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