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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by rjh4758, Mar 10, 2009.

  1. rjh4758

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    I just recently moved to south central Oklahoma from PA. I want to startup a mowing business here but not sure what licenses I will need and where to obtain. What kind of liability insurance should I get and who has the best rates? Also what are the cutting frequencies and season length? This area is way different than the northeast. Any help from other Okkies would be great.
  2. saylorsdad

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    season length varies greatly, as last year was a pretty good drought. I know that 50 miles makes a big difference in rainfall here right now. My inlaws live in hugo and their rainfall is pretty good so far this year, but atoka is pretty dry. As to rates I tend to be a bit high but I find plenty of work from people who are willing to pay for quality work. I see plenty of guys charging next to nothing and getting more work but doing a pretty crappy job. Sorry i am not more help, but business here should be the same as other places.
  3. bigperm

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    I am just starting aswel. My insurance is through Farm Bureau Inland marine on equipment and liability. LLC is easy print forms off of net and I would suggest calling them on your name as all I could think of were taken. You will need to get a spray license through the state just go the ag dept web site all info is there.
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    May I suggest that you take a look at your actual costs per hour of operation to determine pricing? Too many contractors base pricing on what they think the market will bear Vs what the price should REALLY BE. Sometimes over charging, but most times under charging. And yes, I know we are in a tough economic time right now, but you must sell your services at the right price and not below cost! Too many times, we don't know what we don't know.

    I wont tell you what to charge, but I will tell you that we have a CD called Know why you charge what you charge that will calculate your break-even costs per hour for your company based on your use rates and your actual cost. You will never undersell your service again. This Cd runs in excel and is simple to use. It is not software to learn. You simply insert your numbers and the spreadsheet does the rest!

    That's my GUARANTEE! Check out my website at
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    oh id say u cut the grass once a week at about 3", 3 1/2"

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