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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Baseballer1100, Jul 7, 2005.

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    Im just getting into the business and i have 2 accounts so far one is 4 acres and the other is a just a house thats is really small i have a landpride ztr witha 44" cut. I want to upgrade so i can get more accounts and cut faster what would be the best lawnmower and the best price i was thinking a 60 inch cut would be fine. I dont want to spend over 7,000 dollars. I just want to expand my company. Thanks alot.
  2. chimmygew

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    I have heard good things about Bad-Boy mowers. You can get a 60" cut with a 27hp engine for right around $6600.00 to $6800.00. Or if you want to save even more, check out ebay.
  3. DavesLawnCarePlus

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    Hi there... I'm somewhat new to this as well, but I've been reading the board and studying how to do this business the right way since a year or more. One things that I've found out is that everyone has big gear and loan payments except for the guys making a lot of money. Take for one example, justmowit, you can check out their website. No Z's, No giant WB's, just Toro 21's. They have a huge company... and small mowers. Considering the cost of labour and how the competition is so fierce for the big commercial accounts where those 60" Z's are great, maybe you should look at getting into smaller yards and hire a helper. My helper and I can do 22-26 standard city lots per day and make great money with two 21's, a bp blower, and a straight shaft trimmer. That's the key to success as far as I can find. Buy commercial gear and shake hands with a lot of people. We pass out dozens of business cards a day and we always stop and say hello when the neighbors come outside... It seems to be a good formula. Anyhow... That's my two cents worth.


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