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Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by Gatewayuser, May 19, 2006.

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    As most of you know I already have a landscape and lawn care company and would now like to also start a landscape lighting company. But first what do I need besides lic, insurance, wc. What kind of tools? What supplies to stock? I will be going to Akron OH later this year for a 2 day class and hands on how to it covers design and everything and its put on by a supplier but still is $300 per person. Is there any other classes I can go to and where? I looked at one in Cali but its only 4 hrs long. I would be willing to travel far if its a great class. What is the average charge for maintenance per year per fixture? I already had a job that I did, it was a 47 light renovation not 1 light worked and the customer had never seen them on but now every one works and is aimed. I made around $1400 before labor costs but I was happy. Are there any good books that I can buy? Thanks for any info! :waving:
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    contact lvlia. they have a conference in febuary that would put you ahead of the rest.
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    Well, I'm just a rookie myslef but I'll try and give you some of the answers that I've gathered. As for a class, the one that I'm excited for is the three day conference at the source (cooper lighting) in GA with the infamous Janet Lennox Moyer at the beginning of November. Here's the info on it:

    THE book to read is the Landscape Lighting Book by Janet Lennox Moyer. I just picked it up myself and look forward to reading it. It's a 400 some odd page hardcover book. You can get it on Amazon for around $70-80 which seems like a lot but is worth every penny.

    Well, there's my first post! Hope it was helpfull in some way.

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    I just recently started as well.. This is what I had to aquire that I didnt already have due to my landscape co.

    Quality volt meter with clamp on amp meter
    fabricated some wire reel holders to make it easy to peel wire off (fabricating an add on counter to measure wire pulled off)
    Soldering kit
    I went ahead and got some new auto strippers and some crimpers (altho I only solder)
    Cast lamp organizer and good assortment of 10k hour bulbs
    fllat spade for digging wires and also the cast wire trenching tool (not happy with this as a small area to step when you cant just slamm it in so I will weld a good step on it)

    I already had the basics.....
    Rakes/shovels etc.
    cordless drills for mounting transformers
    Basic hand tools and screwdrivers ect
    If your going to do deck lights I would suggest a SHARP 2 ft long installer bit for doing the carey technique (I wanna say mines half inch)
    Fish tape for pulling through conduits if need be.
    Pruning gear to clear places for your lights if need be.
    center punch for tags
    Sharpie marker for recording my info at the transformer
    big cooler full of bottled water with lots of ice

    Ladder if you plan to do any tree lights or anything high.

    This is just what I carry. Important to have the right tools around for the job. Im sure some of the others have more they carry. Im sure as I progress fwd I will carry other gear. I find it very important to stay organized so you dont waste time hunting tools down.
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    Great posts everyone thanks for the help!
    Landscape Illuminating, welcome to LawnSite! Thanks for the help!:waving:

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