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Do you think it’s worth an extra grand for the hydro? Or should I just get the belt drive and just learn on that and master it? I havnt used either one to be honest, so it’s not like I could miss a hydro version. People say it’s so much easier, but how much really so? I’m thinking since I’m staying small at no more than 10 yards a week maybe it’s worth holding on to that cash and get the belt drive. I mean, is it sooo bad that you just hate your machine because it’s belt drive. I don’t want to say to myself while I’m mowing, man this thing sucks. Hah

The belt is a pain to operate, until you get used to it of course. Even after you get used to it, it takes more time to back the belt machine than a hydro machine. On a belt machine, yo have to engage the safety lock to stop the machine on the handle bar, reach down and put the machine in reverse, release the safeties on the handle bars, back the machine, then re-engage the safetey, place it back in to forward and then relese the safety to start mowing again. On a hydro simply move the controls...

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one thing no one mentioned is the electric clutch issue. they are not reliable and tend to burn out at the worst possiable time -like july/ august. big$ and a pain to replace. get a belt drive with manual blade engage ment as your first machine . then decide if you want to upgrade later and keep the belt one as a backup

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