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Discussion in 'Seal Coating Forum' started by Tim Baden, May 22, 2005.

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    make friends with the full timer at a sealer supplier. Most people instantly forget about where they started. use a 55 gallon drum, rig up the plumbing and a hose and use sand in the sealer. use a brush, Tampico brush is the softest one they make. If you use a brush the most you'll get out of a gallon is 60sq st. You'll have to keep the brushes wet all the time after the first time you use it. be creative and make a brush tank or pay about $300 Get a back pack blower, pass out flyer after you do a job, but don't leave foot prints on there sidewalks.
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    Ive Been Spraying Gilsonite For Several Years , Looking To Go Waterbase, Hows The Spray Pattern Different From Oil To Water . Is It Worth It For Residential? I Orginally Used A Air Diaphram Pump (alot Of Money ) But I Could Not Control The Spray,it Was Loud, Bulky,unable To Slow Up The Material. Iam Back To Using Gilsonite, But Looking Foward To Changing

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