State and Local Government Contracts?

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by GREENITUP, Sep 24, 2007.


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    Anybody do fert and squirt work for your state or local government agencies? I know my state (VA) gives some type of preference to small businesses, but I am unfamiliar with the whole bidding process. Any personal experiences? Worth while financially? Extra headaches involved? Thanks....
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    Government bids are PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE. You can ask to see all of last years bids including the the unsuccessful bids. Both my county and State have these on Line. Be careful because Low Ballers also bid these contracts.

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    Thanks Ric - good advise as always. Do you contract with any Govt organizations yourself? I just wanted to get a feel if it would be a lot of hassle, excessive paperwork, untimely payments? I have viewed a few contracts from last year (mostly non-selective sprays on roadsides) - looks like some of the contractors are making a killing, but maybe there are extra headaches I couldn't see....

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