State Arrested Unregistered Contractors

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    Anyone from Connecticut see the New Haven register Tuesday June 24 th in the business section ??? the state just finished there sting to catch contractors without a Home Improvement Contractor License (HIC). they got a unoccupied house in Plainville, posed as homeowners, called a ton of contractors for estimates on different things, and checked if they were licensed and insured, if they were, they checked to see if they were listing there HIC number like they are supposed to, and to make sure they were providing a written contract with the proper amount of time for cancellation, along with everything else you are supposed to be doing to be legitimate. They got 90 unregistered contractors and sales people and they are facing criminal charges, that carry penalties of up to one year in prison, and a fine up to $2,000.00. Another 44 home improvement professionals were found to be non compliant with other aspects of the states home improvement law and face administration review and possible sanctions from the Department of Consumer Protection. the state did not name the contractors arrested, but said they were from the towns of, Branford, Cheshire, East Haven, Madison, Milford, New Haven, North Branford, Shelton and Wallingford. the paper also says that the law requires that Home Improvement Contractors provide consumers with a clearly-worded written contract that includes a three day notice of cancellation, and that they include there Home Improvement Registration Numbers in there contracts, and in all there advertising. it also says that they did one last year in Ridgefield and arrested 150 contractors. now how bout that guys ?? imagine getting called to an estimate, and leaving in hand cuffs, because you will not pay the state $160 a year for your license, this does include landscapers !!. thank god i am fully legitimate. these guys, did not get tickets, the got arrested and taken down town. for those of you that are not legitimate, i would hope that this is enough of a wake up call to start doing things the right way. So lets here your thoughts on it guys, just imagine having to go to jail for a year and pay a fine of $2000.00 because you were to cheap to give a little back to uncle sam or pay for insurance. this is not a joke. this is the real deal, i'm sure other states do this to, and even the guys that are doing it legitimate, better make sure they have there paper work in order, so you don't lose your license, and the ability to operate a business, i'm sure you guys have some input to throw out there so lets here it. THIS IS THE REAL DEAL - YOU GET ARRESTED FOR NOT BEING LEGITIMATE AND CAN GO TO JAIL FOR DOING IT
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    My Thoughts: :cool2: :clapping: :dancing:
    I pay so should they. You know there not paying there share of taxes either!
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  4. BillyRgn

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    my exact thoughts.
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    Good! It will stop the lowballers around here
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    Yeah but I wonder too just how finicky and funny it gets, if anyone around here wanted to conduct a sting they could nail anyone from legit to totally not, too... Which, we just received our annual business compendium from the county, asking for the input of every business owner... But I'm afraid to say anything, more so because I never know what can of worms that might open up next.

    Yeah too many illegal operations, granted.
    But say anything about it, then what happens?
    What all will they check, how, by whose standards, on whose terms?

    It's one story if they send invitations to a bunch of fugitives to pick up some prize
    they won at some lottery they never played, and the guys show up :p

    But it's quite another if it gets downright stupid.
    Like that one time I went to my long-ago insco's web site?
    And it asked on that web site, "Would you like to inquire about commercial vehicle coverage?"
    And I did want to inquire at that time, so I did.
    And then they dropped me, for asking how much would it cost.
    Like that?

    Now I know the kind of people who I stay far, far away from.
  7. punt66

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    They dropped you because you didnt have commercial vehicle insurance on your commercial vehicle. You had their personal insurance. If you run legit there are no worries. I would be happy to give an estimate at one of those stings as long as they pay my time and fuel they wasted when they were done. Yea right. Thats the only part that would piss me off.
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    Thats kind of like the drug dealer asking to keep the money for the drugs he sold in a sting operation....:dizzy::dizzy::dizzy:
  9. punt66

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    No! Drug dealers are illegal. I am not.
  10. MarcSmith

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    so are you going to ask the DOT guy for an address to send a bill to when they stop you for a random safety check? Or the pesticide guywhen the come by to to their annual inspections? This is no different. Just part of doing business.

    I would imagine, that the folks who ran the sting operation, already had an idea of who was/wasn't legit, and they sent the request for proposal to those who they were unsure of.

    Those who are legit, are usually proud of the fact, and I had no problems when questioned on that fact.

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