state bidding - now i think i've seen it all.

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by upsondown, Jun 22, 2004.

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    Received an IFB last week from a local agency that receives state funding for its operations. In today's mail arrives an addendum to the IFB - which gives all the prices that were charged on the last contract. Having done state and federal bidding for many years - this is the first time I've ever seen them openly publish previous contract prices to all prospective bidders. Normally if you want that information - you must file an FOIA request and it's issued on a case by case basis. Anyone else experienced this publication of previous contract prices on work you've bid on?
    Just curious.
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    what does the acronyms u speak of mean.

    the Fio and others...

    yea i have been a subcontractor for some army reserves ...
    I was thinking of getting the Contract or at least trying.

    how do u find out about all that stuff?
    and what do u request when u are trying to
    get them to give u the Price upon request like u said

    u can email me privately
    if u don't want to say on the board

    I am getting out fo the biz at the end of the yr but hey once u know one thing it seems to always apply to some other thing. if ur dealing with buisness.

  3. upsondown

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    An IFB is (invitation for bid) - the FOIA - is (Freedom of Information Act).

    Any agency where taxpayer dollars are involved that requires a contract will send out IFB's to vendors that are on their mailing lists.

    You can send your name and mailing address to any of your local agencies and ask that you be placed on their vendor mailing list for the services that you offer. Once you are on it - when they go out with an IFB - you will receive your copy in the mail to use for bidding. Usually the packet contains anywhere from 20-50 documents that you must complete when you submit your bid - part of which will be your credentials - bonding, insurance, licenses, etc., and if you are seriously in contention for the work - they will review that information and investigate the accuracy of this information and make a final bid award.

    Anyone can contact a tax payer supported agency and request that under the freedom of information act - that they be provided with the current contract prices they are paying for "lawn care" for example. They must submit the information. But as in my original post - we have never seen them submit last year's contract prices as part of an IFB as they did this time. It really makes for some ruthless undercutting to take place.

    Hope this helps.

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    I have never even considered the old bids as a guideline for my bid. It is nice to know to be sure you are not under bidding but if you use it as an accurate source of priceing and jobcost you are sure to lose your shirt. It is odd that they sent the pricing information to you, probably a screwup. One thing I have found that helps get the prices up a little is to let everybody know how much you bid after the bids are open. This shows the bidwinner just how much they left on the table and next time they bid a little higher. Really helps if they are the only one bidding against you.:)

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