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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by WAYNE, Apr 4, 2000.

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    I recently received an IFB for mowing various locations in my local county for the the state of VA. The proposal is broken down as follows.......lawn tractor/with operator,,600hrs......lawn mower/with operator,,300hrs......weed eater/with operator,,400hrs......pickup truck/with operator,,200hrs......hedge trimmer/with operator,,100hrs I know I am bidding this with one operator in mind. I would like some advice as to what I should bid per hour on this operator with equipment....I have never bidded on a goverment contract,,,,so your input will be greatly appreciated !!! Thank You......Bids are due in on April 18th<br>
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    From what I have seen on this site,most guys<br>here seem to price at around the $30-$40 U.S.<br>per hour.
  3. Only people who work for wages work by the hour.<p>I would never waste my time on any project were my earning potential is limited by some<br>poorly written specs.<p>Move on you can make more money per hour<br>using a trimming mower mowing senior citizens<br>lawns for cash.
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    Well Larry,thats just wonderful.Here in the <br>real world though,sometimes you just have to<br>take what you can get.Some hourly rate jobs <br>can pay excellent money.<p>Karl
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    The IRS would love you....
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