State Law Enforcement A JOKE or what?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Fantasy Lawns, Feb 17, 2001.

  1. Fantasy Lawns

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    Down here in Fla .....the State "Enforcement" is a joke ....they check for Occ Licensees ....during the work week ...even if the catch someone the give 2 warnings before a fine

    Go out and check on Sat or Sun ....if they want to "enforce" the laws and insure that the state & county is recieving there share of $$

    They could fix this so easy by telling the "yellow page" people that all business ads must submit a copy of occ, insurance & fed-state tax id # .....each year at add renewal time

    May not get all the scrubs .....but would be a start
  2. eslawns

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    For one thing, what you're suggesting is more government regulation, which is a bad thing. The people who refuse to go along with the program will never conform no matter what you or I do. The only thing that will come out of this is when you and I renew our certificates, we'll have more hoops to jump through, and need to spend time which could be better spent making money satisfying another state requirement.

    The way to handle this is by educating the consumer. In VA, you can get brochures from the regulating agency. When you meet a client, give them one. Make sure they understand that what they get for the few extra bucks is a licensed, trained, and insured contractor who has been in business for a while. If they still don't hire you (or a legit competitor), they were looking for a scrub, and you're better of without them.

    Remember, the government has a tough time paving streets and collecting trash, how well do you think they can do what you suggest? I'm not saying every city or state employee is a moron, but the system is just too inefficient.
  3. Fantasy Lawns

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    I aggree about the inefficiency ....and I have all the understanding that not all is fair to everyone

    and believe me I'm not for more Regulation State or Fed ....but we already live with them every day .....and I'm held to the state reg of having occ licensees anyway

    I only want an even play field making sure that my tax money that is already spent on enforcement has an real effect ....or that it does what I am all ready paying fore

    and your right I don't need the jobs from the people looking for the lowest price and customer education is what is neccessary and when I bid that is spelled out on our proposal as ... "Importance of Liability Insurance & Workman's Comp: Held by the Contractor Eliminates Liability taken on by the Property Owner."

    I'm only blowing steam from seeing a job getting service every Sat. from a scrub that I don't see Mon-Fri(not to say anyone working on Sat is a scrub but not this time of year)
  4. mike

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    I agree. There needs to be an even playing field. Taxes, insurance, thats part of having a business. I'f someone doesn't pay their dues then they schouldn't be in business. Safety, is the first priority, but there is a reason they call it accident,(as in not planned). If all the communities would enforce our business laws, (every day), that would stop some of the " business want a be's". I don't mind being stopped & checked. After I get checked so many times, then they will realize that I'm legal & will eventually- leave me alone.
  5. mowerman90

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    I believe there is a law on the books in FL that states that everything your business name is on (letterhead, signs, business cards etc) must have your occ license # on it. If they would just enforce this one law, it would get Mr Scrub Mow'n'Blow off the street. I've heard that because of the lack of enforcement Pinellas and Pasco county don't even require an occ license anymore. I've been in business over 10 years here in Hernando county and I have NEVER been checked for an occ license. Go figure. I sum it up by saying "Welcome to Florida" LOL
  6. Fantasy Lawns

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    oh I agree I've been cutting down here since 92 and up North from 83 ...the occ deal only requires one to get a 30 day storage unit to have the "comm" address when getting the paper work and then what

    it's just that when they do stop the one's without it ...they just "warn' them ....No Fines

    hoping that Fl Statue 482.156 "Limited Lawn Maint" Certification" will help I have Heard that they ARE enforcing this (spraying Round-up)in the Tampa & Orlando Area and we have acually had articles in the paper locally here talking of this (which help educate the customer)

    anyways I was just steamed on not getting a local day care center ....and understand that "what goes around ....comes around" ....time for me to stop replying to my own thread

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  7. parkwest

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    Law enforcement has their hands full trying to get the murderers and rapist off the street.

    Just provide a quality job with a neat and professional appearance in everything you do and let the rest take care of itself. Think of the used car lots as an anology. You've seen the clucker lots vs. the nice clean lots. Which one would you shop at. Think about it, then you will realize the importance of your appearance to the customer. And don't forget we are always going to have price shoppers, you will just have to give them a good reason to hire you over the scrub.

    I think we will all be better off if we can quit looking to "big brother" to take care of everything.

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  8. LJ lawn

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    what does occ stand for? occupation certificate or something? i agree we sould absolutely stop looking to "big brother" to take care of everything (liberal brainwashing from the last 8 years of socialist takeover)but if other types of contractors require some sort of license than why not the lawn/landscape contractor? strange they let the cops handle the enforcement instead of some other state/county worker who could check up on those things.ahh well,--we'll probably never get of the scrubs,just one of those things.
  9. Mark

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    I have to agree with Parkwest, I think he hit the nail right on the head. Ive been in Business for 10yrs and have never been ask.As Parkwest said ive seen those car-lots i wouldn't shop at for anything. Same goes for the Lawn Business you know when you leave a site that it looks great when youve done the best job you can. I even drive by some of my sites a look at the awsome job that ive done,Not bragging just want to give my customers my best. That was a nice way to put it Parkwest. Marks Mowing Service
  10. Twotoros

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    Me too. Been in biz 16 years and not a soul has asked me for my papers . That includes customers!!! I have bitched to both the state and yocal gov't. and they say give us some names. I say to them put me on your payroll. I did turn a guy in once who stole an account . I say stole because he undercut by one half. To catch him I had the people next door who I knew get me his license #. Then I had to get a cop friend run the plates which is a no no for him to do that. I then took the info to the state and they slapped his wrist. I did all the work only to watch this guy go out and mow somw more.
    Maybe we're doing this all wrong and should be keeping two sets of books!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:(

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