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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Runner, May 26, 2006.

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    Does anyone have a copy of their statement of service that they can PLEASE send me? The one I'm using is rather crude, and I'd like to develop a nicer one that I could maybe make a template out of, or just a carbonless copy. I know there are some nice ones out there. I am also REALLY looking at the idea of being able to just print them right in my truck and use the nice colored sheets that have the perforated section to tear off and remit with payment. The ones I print in the truck will also have the checkboxes next to the chem. list (with epa reg. #'s) and some areas for comments and such (target treated, instructions, etc.). I will also have rate list for some of them that I can just circle the rate at which it was applied. The ones like what Scott's use are rather nice one, and many of the privates do too. Any help is GREATLY appreciated. Thanks.
  2. Runner

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    I would gladly send you ours if it would help, however, its changed very little since 1973, sorry. Its time for us to update too!
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    Please pm me your email address, I can email you a word doc of what I am using. I also already have a printer printing these and it probably would be a small thing to change the company name.
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    Thank you so much. My e-mail address is being sent toyour PM.

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