Statements vs. Invoices

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by GreenBlade, Jul 23, 2013.

  1. GreenBlade

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    I've always sent out invoices to customers. Wasn't until I was looking at my loan statement that it hit me to send out statements to customers.

    Curious to see who uses statements and who uses invoices. What are the benefits of each? Thanks.

    APLUS LAWN CARE LawnSite Senior Member
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    I always send my customers an invoice. A statement is basically a summary of an account, and contains such information as previous balance, payments applied, current charges, and balance forward. Generally speaking, invoices are used for service companies.
  3. calvinslawnservices

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  4. Snyder's Lawn Inc

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    I send both at same time each month
  5. McFarland_Lawn_Care

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    I used to use statements but it got confusing to some people. Now invoice everything. One at the end of each month - it says the account balance, and if it's a higher amount, then they must have not paid their prior one. Plus our current software invoices everything.
  6. GreenBlade

    GreenBlade LawnSite Member
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    I use Quickbooks; kinda new to it that's why I was asking. Like I said I also send out invoices. I found out today that I could go in & customize the invoices. So I chose to have an "Account Summary" on the Invoice. So it's basically like a statement in an invoice. It shows the transactions they've paid and what not. Also, do you guys ever send out or use sales receipts? I saw this option and figured and invoice was basically the same thing.
  7. XYZLawnPros

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    You do not have to pay "statements".
    Invoices you have to pay.
    Anybody getting my drift between the two documents?
    (Clue) As in look at all your bills you pay every month.
  8. McFarland_Lawn_Care

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    Many bills that I get are in Statement form.
  9. Oxmow

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    Statements = what they have paid, etc.

    Invoices = what they owe

    Most commercial accounts will not pay from a statement, they have to have an invoice.
  10. cpllawncare

    cpllawncare LawnSite Silver Member
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    Correct, invoices are for requesting payment, statements are for giving an account summary.

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