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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by BASIC, Dec 4, 2002.

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    Hi guys,my wife and I have been talking about stating a LCO for a few years,well if we don't do it now,we're never going to do it.How do we determine if our area can suuport another LCO?We live in northwestern New Jersey and our area that was rural only a few years ago is growing by leaps and bounds.I stoped at my local commercial LCO equipment dealer and asked his opinion(I do trust him)he said the LCO's can't keep up with the demand.He said to start small,a large WB,small WB for gates,back pack blower and a trimmer is enough to get started.I already have a pickup.He stressed customer service and to take our time buying new equipment.I don't have any experience with LCO except doing my own but I do have a very good customer service background.My wife is great with the computer and bookkeeping.Theres very little future for my current ocupation in New Jersey,I managed a small gun store and was just terminated.We'd like to start on a part time bases begining this spring.My wife works and I'll be getting something in the very near future,I hope.We've always wanted to work for ourselves and can think of no better way to do it than in the LCO.There does seem to be some really large LCO around,with big trucks,trialers,a lot of equipment and personel,how do we compete?Do we look for a market niche?Any help you may provide would be greatly appreciated.Thankyou all again,BASIC.
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    -Use the winter to educate yourself as much as possible on the elements of the business and get it set up. Register the business, get proper insurances and look into the benefits of becoming an LLC...things like that.

    -Shop equipment and learn. Decide what kind of properties it is you're going to be going after, purchase the best equipment for the job you can afford.

    -Get out early and start beating the bushes for contracts. Gather data, come on here with the data and get help on pricing for the guys one here from NJ until you get the hang of pricing right. Nothing worse than loosing your rear end on a contract all year!

    -Compete with high quality work and reliability!

    -Stay part time until you are well established. When you think you can go full time, do it yourself only and let your wife keep her job a while longer if she likes. You can pull longer hours full time and she can help out when she can or the books if she likes for a while.

    -Remeber that you are lucky your wife is so supportive and willing to pitch in. Don't take advantage of her. Don't over work her and remember when she goes fll time she expects a paycheck too payup
    Try your best not to let her down. Be successful and keep earning that support!!!!

    -Use this site for all it's worth. There is a wealth of info in these forums.

    I'm sure some of the other guys will chime in here with all sorts of good information.
  3. f350

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    "Stay part time until you are well established"

    i disagree, sink or swim..
  4. BASIC

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    Envy Lawn Service and f350,thankyou both for your response,BASIC.
  5. Envy Lawn Service

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    You are certainly entitled to your opinion and in the case of some people you are more right than me. Some people need to sink or swim. My own father was one of those. He worked a full time job and then partime at what he wanted to do. He got ahead in doing that but quickly reached a point where he wasn't going anywhere. He was stalled.

    It wasn't until he was forced to swim or drown that he really got to doing what he loved full time. In a short time he was making killer money. He would have been much better off to have jumped in feet first 20 years ago.

    But not everyone is that lucky. In fact very few are. The majority of new businesses fail within the first few years. What does that mean? They failed before they had a chance to get off the ground good. High business debt and what's worse is lot of folks re-mortgage their homes to get the startup capital, sinking further in debt, then sink further in debt with the business as well. It's not a pretty picture when they go belly up...Trust me.

    So as a financial real job...:D
    I'm not so hastey as to recommend that they just jump in. I deal with this stuff all the time providing investments, insurance, disibility income, 401K's, key man, buy sell, executive bonus programs and the like to small business owners and their business.

    I also do a great deal of mortgage insurance too. That's usually how I find my new business owners. They just re-mortgaged to start up that business.
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    Best to start part time and stay part time. Being part time you can pick and choose the work you want to do and there is no pressure to bring in a certain amount of money each week. Heck, being part time if you do not feel like cutting grass one week you can allways do it the next week. You will still have your check and benefits there for you each week from your day job and the money you sock away from cutting grass, you can do whatever you want with it. Buy a new house, put the kids through college, buy some investments. Since it is all 100% extra money do whatever you want with it.
  7. Guido

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    Great Strategy. Customer Service at its finest!:rolleyes:
  8. rodfather

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    Where in NW New Jersey are you? I am in Clinton (Hunterdon County) and can tell you we have all the work we can get.

    Can email Also see by your profile you are 45 years old. I am 48 and starting our 9th year as full time.
  9. BASIC

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    Thank everyone for the response.We like the idea of starting off part time.Though we'll be part time to begin with,we're not treating it as a part time venture but as a way to start a full time buisness.
    rodfather,we live in Sussex county.Thankyou for your e-mail address,I'll send you one right now.
    Thankyou all again for your help,BASIC.
  10. HarryD

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    no matter how many LCO's in your area there is always enough work to go around

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