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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Patriots, Aug 19, 2006.

  1. Patriots

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    Last March I ordered 75,000 doorhangers from, based on ZClark's recommendation - and let me say they were top notch at a very good price. I am based out of Fort Worth and could pick the order up a short hour away ... no shipping costs. Needless to say when I needed a small order this past month I did not hesitate to call. Placed an order for 5,000 online, same artwork as first run. 24 hours goes by, no confirmation call or email, so I call the Dallas office. At that point I am told the order was outsourced to California because of the small size of the order - and that I would be charged for shipping. Ohhhh well at 8.25% sales tax, the shipping costs was almost the same as the tax would have been. Two weeks, no order, I call - get an email back. 2 more days go by I call again, and a day later I get an email that says it is my lucky day the order shipped. One week later order arrives, thank God. Open the box and I find 5,000 doorhangers printed on Glossy paper. Call again, and get an email reply that the order was placed for 100lb glossy. I reply, no, I placed the order for the exact same thing I had printed last time - response was ohhh, well send me a few. For what friggin reason, you know what you sold me - junk. Response, ohh well send me a few anyway. Been a week and no response as of yet - I have charged back the order and sent an email for them to pick up the paperweight. Dallasprint does business with a group of printers under Octavius Design ... simply put, buyer beware. And no these were no cheep, about the same price as 4/4 hangers from 48hour print. By the why, the purpose of a doorhanger is to hang your ad from a doorknob - without a rubber band 100lb glossy paper is not strong enuf to hang from a doorknob.
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    100 lb. not strong enough?! are you sure its 100lb.? maybe you are thinking of 20lb or 30lb. (the smaller the weight the thinner the paper) I was a printer before this and I can tell you 100lb. is like cardboard. either way it sounds like you are really getting the run-around! call them up and ask for a supervisor, or owner for that matter. Don't give up keep fighting and you will likely get your money back. I would start by asking to have them fax over the job order and see what they wrote down, and who wrote it to find out where the trouble started or which company screwed up the order.
  3. Thirdpete

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    100lb isn't like cardboard, its a great flyer paper
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    Sorry to hear that! I found them top notch when I used them for 100K last year. I plan to use them again this year, they really came through for me.

    Do you have a paper trail for your order to prove what you ordered? I hope this gets cleared up! Although frustrating, I think the different paper will probably have no effect on your response from them.

    BTW, I got 5K hangers put out last week and gained 12 new customers. I was betting on the first week of school having people too busy to mow themselves......and it worked!
  5. Team-Green L&L

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    10pt paper, or 100lb in other words, is plenty sturdy to hang from doors. We put out 5000 100lb door hangers a month and never had 1 blow away.
  6. Patriots

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    I would not mind the 100lb, if that was what I paid for. ZClark, I have been dealing with Nick, he was excellent the first time around - but now it seems like he is making excuses for the California store. He just lost my 100,000 order this spring just to save a few bucks on cheep paper .... back to 48hour print for me.
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  8. Banned
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    100lb gloss and 110lb card stock are completely different animals, one is like a page in a magazine while the other is like cardboard. you cannot make door handles out of paper like a magazine's.
  9. Patriots

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    Cuts, perfect example of what this is - pages in a magazine. Many great things were said about this past spring, and with good reason - the product was an outstanding value. The reason behind this post is to warn y'all what they are selling (100lb) at 14pt cardboard stock prices - when things changed with this company I dont know, but it has changed.

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