STAY AWAY from Husqvarna

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by ElephantNest, Feb 10, 2011.

  1. ElephantNest

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    I made the mistake of buying my Dad a Husqvarna self propelled mower, key start, mulching, etc. Brand new from Sears, on sale for about $250 or so. 21" or 22". Came with two year warranty. His main mower is a rider, so he only used this new one a handful of times, we guess between 8 and 10 times. It still looks brand new, honestly, brand new. Never left in rain, always stored in shed, never transported in vehicles, etc. Oil was full, blade was sharp, etc.

    Exactly 25 months (a little under 2 months past warranty) it froze up. Locked up tight, string won't budge. I called them.

    They refused to do anything about it, and have promised me TWICE now that they will return my call to "resolve" this issue, but BOTH time, have failed to do what they said they would. No calls from them.

    Obviously, I will no longer purchase Husqvarna junk. I have Husqvarna chain saws that are awesome, but also have Stihl. Now it's a no-brainer what to buy when I replace my saws.

    Anyway, a warning to home owners out there, STAY AWAY from Husqvarna, they are evidently made to last for about the length of warranty. Sad.
  2. punt66

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    part of the problem may have been lack of use. Have you taken it apart to see what the problem is? If you buy bix box equipment then dont expect that junk to last. You get what you pay for.
  3. Mowingman

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    Usually when a company builds a machine to sell at Sears stores, Sears has them change the specs. to enable it to sell cheaper. sometimes this also results in some parts only being available from Sears. Not sure if that is the case here, but they might have cheapened it up.
  4. eatonpcat

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    Bought this beauty at Lowes a few years ago...Forget the price, but I think it was over $400.00. Got it because I could raise the handle higher than the other mowers!! What a pice of crap, Although I love my 55 Rancher!

  5. LewisLawn

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    I agree, have one of there saws have had to replace the ignition coil twice...have a backpack runs good and blows reasonably well but really like it because it is very quiet...had a stick edger same problem with it as the saw but found out there was other problems for why it wouldn't start so left it with the repairman never to be fixed I could buy a new one for less than what it cost to have it fixed....neighbor has a riding mower bought two years 23 year old JD looks and runs better than his and they are both kept indoors...
  6. avguy

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    Unfortunately you're just another victim of the economic times. Husqvarna, Toro, John Deere are just a few of the many mfg companies that produce specific lines targeted directly at the box stores. It's price, price, price & price that dictates how much "quality" goes into those products so they can be sold at a lower........price.

    My wife purchased me a Toro personal pace 4 years ago from one of the box stores as a b-day gift. This mower is nothing more than a trim mower I use on my 2.5 acres. It has been back in the shop 3 times now 2 times for the transmission alone. I'm not mowing 2.5 acres with's a trim mower....maybe 30 minutes every other week? It is absolute junk. The blade on this thing is so thin it gets nicks in it if you hit a stiff weed.

    I'm not down on Toro's or any other mfg that makes a few models for the box stores by any means as I grew up with them. The ones my dad made me use as a kid were a hell of a lot better built than any of the ones carried at Lowes.

    I now purchase all of my outdoor power equipment from a local dealer. I may or may not pay a bit more for it but at least I know I'm getting the best product in that line the mfg has to offer. Just my .02
  7. XLS

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    we only run husqvarna units and will only continue to do so untill our dealer starts offering then in the quality as the box stores . Granted alot of you use different models then we do in 12 years of business we have run push mowers,trimmers, and blowers
    we have 20+ 223L flex shaft)and 5-323L (solid shaft) trimmers . 65 backpack blowers models from 125bt to 180 bt we have 14 7020P(not propelled)Honda powered push mowers . We Have only had 2 trimmer shafts break ever and only replaced 1 unit outside of our 5 year trade in program. Our push mowers have been used for between 1-3 years
    as primary mower(small lawns) and have only had minor damages. Issues we see with them are the wheels need replaced annually and if not lubed the opperator presence cable will sieze up and we fill the cylinder with oil at any piont a unit isnt used over a 2week period .
  8. jkingrph

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    It's been a while since I looked at a Husky mower. The ones I looked at, riders at one of the big box stores did not look too good, I bought a Scag.

    I understood their chain saws were good. Some years back a local dealer carried them and had a good reputation with them. We had another dealer carrying Stihl, also with a good reputation. They were closer so I went the Stihl route. The other dealer has since dropped Husky, probably because some of the big boxes and local Tractor Supply and Atwoods have Husky.

    The only Husky products I have are some pre WW1 (one) rifles, one a late 19th century mfr date. and a couple of pre WWII double barrel shotguns. These are a fine of an example of gunmakers art as exists.
  9. eatonpcat

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    Let us not forget...Husqvarna makes one of the best sewing machine out there!! LOL
  10. Brentster

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    I just bought a 125b blower from Lowes for $125 (printed out a 10% coupon) and I love it. Hopefully I'll be able to say the same thing about it a few years from now.

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