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    For All You Guys Thinkin' "man Throwin' These Heavy Grass Filled Bags In The Back Of My Truck Really Sucks, I Wish There Was A Easier Way To Do This" Well There Is In Theory, It's A Truck "blower" Loader, It Sucks All The Grass Up And Into The Back Of The Truck, Yea Sweet Idea.
    Sure On Paper....we've Got A Lil' Wonder 16 Hp Truck Loader Installed On The Tongue Of The 'main' Lawn Care Trailer And It Dumps Into The Back Of The Truck. Well We Got Brand New This Season, We've Already Gone Thur 2 Drive-shafts And 4 (yes 4) Propeller "fins". Are We The Only One With Problem, Or Is This Common With Units Similar To Ours??
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    Thanks for telling me. I am definatly going with billygoat now lol. I didn't think these where for grass either but for leaves. Maybe thats your problem?

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    Not having seen the unit I am tossing out guesses but...

    Most companies are not going produce somethng that has that high a failure rateon critical parts when used as designed. My guess woudl be that you are overloading the unit trying to feed it either to much material, wet grass or something to heavy/bulky for it.
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    I Got A Headache Trying To Read Your Post.........:hammerhead:
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    Those blowers were designed for sucking up leaves, which are much less dense and much lighter in weight per cubic foot then grass. Chances are that grass is basically getting stuck in there, with a lack of a better term, and throwing your impellers. Sorry man, it's not really their fault, Little Wonder makes awesome stuff, you're just using it outside of it's design. Unless they specifically said you can suck up tons of grass with it, I don't see how this is a design/equipment failure.

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