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Stay off until dry!


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zone 6
What do you guys do when you show up to mow at your regular time and the lawn has just been serviced by your favorite spray company or posted "Stay off until dry" and the lawn is wet ? Come back later, or put on the rubber boots and go for it, or just mow up the flag while your at it?



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Southern, Maine
All of our commercial are put on end of week application program for our commercial crew and our resintials are done the beginning of the week for the crew that does residential homes. We also we have the fertilizer companies contact us 7 days prior to any work so we can ajust any schedule as needed. Contact your company or the one that does the property and have them call you 7 days prior to application and make sure they put it on at least 2 days prior to mowing.


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I don't service anyone that has TGCL. I won't! It means that they don't want quality. I do all of my fert myself or if I need special other than fert. I have another LCO do it (We swap specialties).


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What flag i never see a flag :) It gets shredded finely into the grass along with the clippings....If i know it was just applied i will tell the customer i cant mow it (do to the fert application) and it will have to wait till i can fit it back in my schedule.sometimes im warned ahead of time sometimes im not, if it cant wait i mow right over the signs.


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Time is money!! Actually I can't see the harm in mowing after. Unless it is bagged. If is mulched of open cut, the chemicals aren't going anywhere but back to the ground. If it has to be bagged I would wait 24 hrs or so. It really not that hard to go back the next day for one yard. If it was 10 or 15, well better get 'em early next week.


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Originally posted by jt5019
What flag i never see a flag :) It gets shredded finely into the grass along with the clippings....i mow right over the signs.
you are kidding, right?


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Spring Hill, FL
A better queestion is "what do you do when you show up at your regular time and the spray guy is there?". This is one of my pet peeves. I show up within a 1/2 hour of the same time as last week. Week in week out, year round. The spray guy shows up when it's convienient for him. So you know what I do? I mow. If he happens to be spraying at the time he'd better get his hoses off of the property or I'll mulch them, his flags, or him if he doesn't get off my lawn. Had a new sprayer in town that didn't know me and got a little ticked at me so he stopped me and said he was gonna tell the homeowner. I told him to go right ahead. He rang the doorbell and told the homeowner that I wouldn't yield the yard to him. Know what the homeowner said? They said that I'd been doing their yard for the last 12 years on Thursdays at 1:00 pm and that he could come back later after I was done mowing. I gave him a wave as he stormed off down the street.


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I Do the same as mowerman I just mow and they get out of the way if they don't there went their hose. I had chem lawn spraying a property while we where landscaping, and I ask him not to spray. Because I had 5 guys there working and did not want to smell it or make us sick. He refused and kept spraying, so I parked my bobcat skid loader on top of the hose, He yelled at me to move the Cat I told him when his boss showed up to talk to me I would move it. It took 2.5 hour for the boss to show and he said sorry for the actions of his employee, and made the employee say sorry as he left the property. I put the guy way behind on his route, just because he was a a$$:D :D :D :D


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Clinton, NJ
I don't mow lawns that are serviced (fert) by another company...plain and simple.