Stealing accounts from competitors the RIGHT way

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by chevyman1, May 7, 2004.

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    Well just started on the side this year my LLC as many of you know. One great neighborhood in the Saratoga Springs, NY area has yielded a lot of business, and keeps growing. In mid April I had 4 accounts on the 80 house development. Now I have 9. Couple saw my work, dropped their current guys and went with me for the same money. Another I approached twice, telling him it's a shame he lets the guys cut his lawn with their inferior walk-behinds being such a nice yard. I pointed out to him how they SHOULD be doing it as opposed to how they ARE doing it, and he thought so much of me taking 5 minutes to notice and tell him he dropped them and went with me. Another was just a leaf job and said the leaves we done to perfection, and after seeing me mow the front to mulch up the remaining couple leaves, that he's be foolish not to let me do it. 3.5 hours of work after my normal job in this neighborhood at $30 a house, 1 at $35 every 5-6 days is $275 by myself each rip, or right around $1 per minute, always my goal. I have to tell you, being a sales manager gives me a LARGE advantage on my competition. Most are bigger than me, but my Dixie 60" and 48" Ferris walkbehind are killing them and fast for me. Plus now I'm working on a partnership with a fert company. This guys is dropping his 200 lawns down to 50 next year, and I'm thinking of going full time next year. We would refer each other accounts for referral money, thus boosting us both and allowing each other's companies to have a unique niche. Anyone else doing that?
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    Been doing it since day one. Customer wants fert/app. I sub it out to the same company. I know their rates and make 5-10 each app. without doing a thing. They get over their head in cutting, I pick up a few here and there. Never a lot, and infrequently a reoccurring account, but the partnership is nice and subbing out the apps have landed me several reoccurring accounts because the customer want one person/co. to do it all.
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    cool, thanks cst51

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