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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Bob Minney, Jul 8, 2002.

  1. My neice works for one of the suburbs maint crews while on break from school.
    Boss was getting p.o.ed that flowers were not in tight enough pattern.
    They went back next day to fix a job and could see where someone had removed plants and spread around others to cover up the shortage. They were taking one particular color of petunia and 2 other plants.
    How ---- cheap is that to take a risk for $10 - 20 worth of flowers.
    Just thinking about it seems funny as he!!, if it wasnt for my tax $ dissapearing.
  2. theplantdoctor

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    Wow!! I thought that only happened to us!!

    We put in 100 trays of annuals at a motel we look after--went down to water the flowers a couple of days later to find empty holes where the flowers had been dug out and stolen. We were speechless for a while--never had that happen before. Not kids either, you could tell they took them out and took them home. Kids usually make a mess and leave it there.

    :dizzy: :mad: :angry:

  3. thfireman

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    Same deal here also:

    I planted 50 flats of annuals and 40 barberry shrubs at the entrance to a development for the HOA. Three days later the HOA president called and said I needed to come back and look at what a mess their entrance was. I drove up and all the barberry shrubs were gone and almost 2/3 of the annuals were gone. They even shoveled a bunch of the dirt away. What huge sacks these guys had. It was a very busy entrance and they made out like bandits.

    Now if I could invent a shrubbery lock I would get rich!! LOL :p

    :blob2: ThFireman
  4. yardboyltd

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    Here's a few idea's: Install Minefield, Infrared detection system, Rottweilers, Security detail, camera, embed GPS relays in the stem, or install cactus etc...

    Just a few, I have more.
  5. SLS

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    Upsell your services with the addition of a nice border of Punji stick beds around your landscaping projects.

    Then just follow the blood trail to find your missing petunias. :)
  6. rkbrown

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    yardboyltd and SLS:

    LOL !!! New slogan: "Every installation comes complete with rabid pit bull, perimeter explosives, and punji stick deterrant". The minefield would certainly be an incentive to renew your contract since your firm is the only one with the map !! :)

    thefireman: I hope they bled a bit getting the barberry shrubs out !!
  7. LawnLad

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    A guy I know used to do installations for BP when they bought out Sohio here in Cleveland.

    At one station in particular he had a recurring problem with theft. Burning bush, sand cherries, etc. After he completed the installation he got a call a couple of days later by the district manager telling him that he was wondering when the installation was going to be completed.

    Went to the site and discovered the plants had been stolen. Figured it was a one time deal - so he replaced them. The plants were stolen again.

    Finally their solution was to dig the holes 12" plus deeper than needed - fill with concrete with an eye bolt. They then installed the plants and anchored the root balls to the concrete by slipping some sort of cable around the root ball and locking it into the concrete.

    The plants are still there - so no girdling. I didn't see the actual installation - but there are still plants there today. Amazing what you have to go through to get some jobs to stay in place.
  8. Dennis E.

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    A nursery I used to buy from supplied the school dist. in Hills. Cty. here.
    Orders were called in monthly for what was needed and where it should be delivered.
    On occasion the orders were sometimes a "repeat" of the previous month.
    The owner of the nursery was a friend and told me that plants were sometimes taken out the same day they were put in.
    Come to find out later the plants were being pulled(stolen),put into pots and taken to a flea market to be sold.
    (Sheriff's dept. caught some latinos that had a good business going)
    Another trend here is stolen irrigation heads. Some of my commercial accounts have had heads disappear. Usually the expensive gear driven ones.
  9. leeslawncare

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    i know where you guys are comming from last spring i had 4 dwarf alberta spruces stolen the day after i set they are not cheap!!!
  10. awm

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    well dang u guys have solved my money problems.:D just kiddin ,aint got no use for a thief.

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