Stealth for backup?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by gogetter, Jun 22, 2001.

  1. gogetter

    gogetter Banned
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    Did a search, but most posts were around a year old. Thought there might be some new info or new members with info on these Sutech Stealth mowers.

    I was thinking about one for a backup to my Exmark 36". It would be a back up and occasionally used if I have a helper. So it wouldn't see much use (probably not much more then a homeowner).

    I know from previous posts that there are alot of guys that think these are junk, but I gotta wonder how many of them actaully have any personal expereince with them at all.

    There is actually a dealer near by that sells them, so parts and service wouldn't be a problem I guess.

    May go and demo one, but thought I'd check for personal experience here first. Thanks!
  2. Keith

    Keith LawnSite Gold Member
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    I think you would be much happier buying another 36 Exmark. What do they cost these days, $2200? Use it for your primary, use your older Exmark for the backup. Better yet just rotate between them.
  3. hobbes

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    If you have to get a commercial pretender 33 the Troy-bilt is slightly (but not much) better. I've bought and traded in both....for comm 21's.
  4. gogetter

    gogetter Banned
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    Keith, any idea what the Stealths cost?. My Exmark is brand new. And $2200 is alot of money I don't have right now.

    Hobbes, how often were you using your Stealth? How long ago was this? If it was a while ago, any chance they've improved them? There was one post in the archives by a guy who liked his Stealth (in dry conditions). As far as going with a 21", I have one for small areas, but wanted something bigger that could back up my 36" for a couple days if it was in the shop.

    Guess I'll try demoing one. Doesn't cost anything to look.
    Thanks anyway guys.
  5. grassyfras

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    What I would do is test drive it like you said. If You like the power and performance then what the hell get it. If you arn't going to use it more then a homeowner would then I would consider it. I have a 36" also. I dont have a backup for it. I did have to use a 21" that I had to use because the other mower was broken for a week and needed help. So make sure the mower can mow enough grass incase that happens.
  6. Keith

    Keith LawnSite Gold Member
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    Probably about $1400
  7. hobbes

    hobbes Banned
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    Bought one last year. Don't know if they've made any improvents since. Used it for gated backyard (for about 2 weeks).
    Difficult to maneuver-if you have alot of open area mabe ok.
    Terrible in tall or wet turf(3 blades)-if you're only mulching mabe ok.
    Scraped everything-if you cut over 3 or flat turf mabe ok.
    Broke a belt&handle in one week-back to the shop it went.
    The Troy-Bilt 33 was slightly better in thick turf and seemed better built. They have a comm Brigs and a dealer around here puts Honda 8's on them. Some guys seem to like them. I didn't.
  8. Indiana

    Indiana LawnSite Member
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    I have a catalog from a Nationwide outfit that sells these mowers.

    A 9 hp Kawasaki, recoil start, 33" deck Stealth mower goes for $1649.00 from them.

    Just some info for you.

    JUPITER LawnSite Member
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    I had recent experience with a Stealth. Bought it in April upon the recommendation of my dealer who thought it would fit my needs for the price (not to much mowing - mostly landscaping). Only once was I happy with the cut and that was under perfect conditions with dry grass and not too tall. All other times I found myself going over the lawns 3 & 4 times trying to get the stragglers and disperse the clumps. Each time I finally reverted to my 21" Toro to finish the job right. I kept giving it the benefit of the doubt (my dealer wouldn't steer me wrong, I thought). Even tried various blades but was never happy with the cut. Mulching is out of the question with the Stealth, as the clumping is terrible. Discharging not much better. Finally threw in the towel at the beginning of the month and took it back to the dealer and payed the extra for an Exmark. The difference is unbelievable!
    Besides the qaulity of cut, the Stealth is hard to maneuver. You have to manually turn the machine vs. using the hand controls on the Exmark. Plus, unlike the Exmark, the Stealth requires two hand operation on both the controls at all times in order for it to go forword. Thus, you can't let go of a handle to avoid your hand being nicked or scrapped by a low lying branch, or even to swat a mosquito. I agree with Hobbs. Maybe for long flat strips on a perfect day, the Stealth works. Otherwise I found I could actually save time using my 21" Toro over the Stealth. If cost is a consideration, buy a couple of 21" for back-up before the Stealth.
    Just speaking from my experience. Hope it helps.
  10. roscioli

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    I saw a used stealth in the want ads for $1100. Its a 2001, 31" "New condition, Gives awesome cut". Hmm.. if its so awesome, why are you selling it? Ha Ha.
    Has anyone here used the troy bilt 33" commercially? I was thinking about a used one, $850, to use on only 4 lawns a week. Let me know about your experiences, because even though a couple of you guys say that they are better than the stealth, they sell for much less it seems. And for info, i am not even considering a stealth.

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