Steel Green customer svc is AWESOME!!!

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Spraytek, Feb 25, 2019.

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    Just wanted to share my experience with Steel Green. Since late January, I’ve been waiting on my Toro dealer to get a spread pattern adjust cable for my Z Spray. Unfortunately, when Toro bought Z Spray, they failed to realize that the Zs that are already in use would need spare parts. Anyway, when I tried to order the part, I was told I would have it by late February. As you all know that was unacceptable, but since I had no other option, I had to manage. This wknd a friend suggested I call Steel Green to see if they had the part. Well, they did. And not only did they have my cable, they had several other parts that I wanted to replace on the machine. They are shipping everything TODAY, so I should have everything by midweek. I’m so glad they realized the need for Z Spray replacement parts. I just wanted everyone to know if they need spare/replacement parts for their Z, they can depend on Steel Green to take care of you.
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    So how do they have spare parts for Z’s if they didn’t take anything with them when they left...and...started new from scratch???

    Don’t get me wrong...I’m not judging...I have a Z as wellThumbs Up
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    It’s a cable. I’m pretty sure it’s not patented. And the other spare parts aren’t specific to Z Spray, but the local mower parts people look at me like I’m from Mars when I tell them what type of “mower” I have...Even the Toro dealer. When I say it’s like a zero turn sprayer, they say “sorry, can’t help you,” so I don’t mind spending my money with someone who’s willing to help
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    Most all the parts are not specific to the ZSpray's, with the exception of the frame parts. They are parts any person or company can buy. For instance; Teejet, Spyker, the Hydraulics & etc.

    BTW, I ordered parts for my Z and they arrived today, ordered Thursday
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    Correct. I order around dealers for parts all the time and save big$$. Just got a new starter for my exmark for half price what my dealer wanted.
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    Exmark's dealer markup on a lot of OEM parts is damn near criminal.

    They decided our ride on needed a new voltage regulator last year (probably didn't). We were billed over $300 for it. Just the part, we paid installation labor as well.

    Every Subaru dealer that sold them online has them at $140 retail.
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    I plan on buying either a z spray or steel green within the next couple of weeks. I have been doing alittle research on both of them and am not seeing much of a difference. Any recommendations on which to get?
  8. ETM

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    Steel green
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    Steel Green and here's why.
    The Z was considered by many to be the industry leader. SG people who originally developed the Z had a clean sheet of paper to improve the original Z, so they did.

    For instance:
    Better parking brake. More powerful engine. Standard high output charging. Plus many small subtle things that make a difference in the daily use of the machine. Check out their website.

    And maybe the biggest reason is with SG you'll be dealing with a small more service oriented company. With Toro you'll be dealing with a large corporation.
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