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    I have 3 steel signs for sale, they were used by a construction company and built by a fabrication company. They are very well built and will last a long time. They are all different sizes and colors and are all double sided.
    1. Large free standing sign $150.00
    2. Medium free standing sign $50.00
    3. Black sign that sinks into ground $75.00
    i also have: 9 boxes of shingle shield (prevents roof staining)
    $630.00 value. 14 ridge vents never used $50.00, 6 bundles
    of shingles $50.00, misc. Trim coil $30.00, 2 foundation
    vents $5.00, truck tool box $40.00

    i may be interested in trading for some equipment... I need a trimmer, backpack blower, i would really like a landscape trailer open or enclosed at least 6' wide.
    Will send pics upon request just give me your email.

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