steel thickness vs strength

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by sildoc, Jan 15, 2006.

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    Does any one know a web site or other that has the strength of different steel thicknesses. Ie. tubular, triangular, angle iron, rectangle and flat. Cold roled and hot roled. Thanks.
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    Welding and fabrication is my hobby, And after reading your post on weldingweb I believe you will have no problem using what you have in mind.
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    It is mor difficult than a simple table. It depends on how the profile of the steel will be used. Is it in torsion, shear, tension, compression. Each one of these scenarios needs to be considered. I have a degree in mechanical enginnering and I used to design high speed printing press components prior to entering landscape construction. Your best source of information is either your local library or your closest college of engineering library. You want to look for books on strengths of materials, statics and materials science. A great book that I have from college that is very easy to understand by Shigley and mishcke ISBN #0-07-056899-5. This is the fifth edition. I am prettry sure there is a couple of editions since. If you are building anything this is a great book. It gets into gearing, sheaves torsion, strengths of materials.

    Hope this helps

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