Steel Toed Boots?

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by RockSet N' Grade, Nov 6, 2007.

  1. RockSet N' Grade

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    Advantages? Disadvantages? How many of you guys wear them? After today, I am considering options.......a medium sized rock slab decided to land edge first on my big toe/right foot. Orthopedic Doctor time tomorrow........and here I thought tylenol would make it all go away.......wrong again. From the looks of it right now, I may not have toeven consider traditional shoes.....wife thinks it may be plaster time!
  2. dozerman21

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    I don't like them. Obviosly, they serve an important service and some places require them, but I don't wear them. I think boots are one of those things you shouldn't skimp on. Buy a quality name brand boot that laces up a little bit so when you step on a dirt clog you don't roll your ankle!:hammerhead:

    A lot of guys like Red Wings. I wear Timberland Pro waterproof boots. I get almost a year out of them before they start to wear or leak... and I walk them through everything. They break in pretty quick and become real comfortable, especially if you put some of those Dr. Shoells (sp?) footliner things in.

    On the steel toed, I think they're uncomfortable and they steel toe gets real cold in the winter... it's like a little ice pack in there!
  3. Dirt Digger2

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    RED WINGS!!! i love them, they are not too good for shovel work because of the soft sole on them but since we operate equipment we don't have to worry about it...haha...but i wear steel toes, i figure its well worth it, a little extra precaution can save you a whole lot of pain..they are super comfortable, if they weren't so hot i would wear them a lot more then my sneakers when i am not working

    i believe mine were $150 and they came with a 1yr warranty
  4. Scag48

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    Well, most guys say what I wear is overkill, but I have a pair of White's Smokejumpers. 10" lace up, basically a logger/wildland firefighter boot. Most comfortable pair of boots I've ever had given that I put the right sock on, the wrong sock will totally ruin the feel due to that stupid stictching at the toe. The arch support is unmatched, you feel like you can stomp on anything. I almost broke my ankle once jumping off a trailer wearing 6" lace up boots, never again. I'm a big guy, I need lots of ankle support and this is the boot. Better than Danner by a long shot, they'll last forever as you can have them rebuilt over and over. They're not cheap, this pair was $400, but they're one hell of a boot. As far as getting steel toe, I didn't, don't like them. They get cold, they're heavier, not a fan. White's offers a celastic toe, that's what I'd get if I was looking for toe protection. Not as heavy as steel and doesn't get cold.

    Here's a pic of them right after I got them home.
  5. ksss

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    I wear steel toed boots. They are actually a logging type boot that has steel running up the front as well as in the heel and toe. They are Matterhorns. The boot is ugly but comfortable and very safe I think.
  6. Gravel Rat

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    I have about 3 different pairs of steel toed shoes for different jobs. I have a pair of Vibergs I use for working running excavator they are similar to Scag's boots they are hand made and expensive but I get 4-5 years out of them. The current pair I have now are 6 years old now I will probably get another 2 years. My previous pair I got 4 years out of them and I wore those almost everyday. The pair I wear the most is romeo slip on they are common boot worn by people in the marine industry because if you fall in the water they are easy to kick off and don't drown you.

    I also have a pair of Blundstone Romeo they are good but the sole wears out quick I still wear them thou.

    At my gov't job I have a pair of Cat boots I never had much success with Cat footwear they seem to wear out quick. I barely get a year out of Cat boots.

    The boots that I can wear all day are the Vibergs they are worth the 400 dollars the 200 dollar boots don't last.

    I'am so used to wearing steel toed boots they don't bother me. The one pair of Romeo slip ons I wear most of the time they are steel toed. When I'am working I don't wear anything but steel toed boots. Its too easy to injure your foot wearing soft toed shoes.
  7. SiteSolutions

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    Steel does weigh a lot but I am saving up for some quality, comfortable boots with steel in the toe and more important for me, steel in the bottom. I stepped on a nail this summer and it went right through the shoes I was wearing at the time. I could feel it poking my foot but luckily it didn't break the skin. Tetanus shots suck.

    Besides, after a little time, you calf muscles will get bigger and you won't feel the extra weight.
  8. cat2

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    Myself I don't like steel toed boots
  9. bobcat_ron

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    My CAT boots are still going strong after 2 years of every day use.
  10. DBL

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    all for steel toe here get a little cold in the winter but well worth the money and getting water proof ones are even better

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