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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by LooneyToonz, Jun 8, 2009.

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    I have a customer that has a steep ditch that he doesn't want to have to mow. Is there any suggestions out there to help me with this project? As anyone else ever tackled a job like this? The ditch is about 200 feet long and probably varies in height from 6-8 feet. I was thinking about suggesting placing rocks against the steep side..Is this a good idea?
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    Ha I was gonna say that!
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    If the ditch is carrying water and you kill all the vegitation with roundup, you will create a erosion problem that could cost even more to fix. Using large rock is only a temporary fix at best. The rock will eventually fill with silt and grass and weeds will grow in that silt and then its impossible to mow because of the rocks. Your absolute best cure is to slope the banks to make mowing easier and use a Turf Reinforcement Mat, (TRM), in the bottom of the ditch to stop the erosion. You seed under the mat and are able to mow over it. The TRM's hold the seeds in place until they can germinate and establish roots. This looks nicer than a bare dirt ditch and doesnt collet debris like the rock would and cost is comparable to the cost of the large stone and the labor it takes to stack the rock properly in the ditch, and you will save money in lower future maintence cost.

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