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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by Banner47, Jun 7, 2008.

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    I have a new engineered septic field that was designed with some steep and long ditches. I have been to almost every dealer in the area to gather information on what type of Mower/Tractor to get. Some dealers say that a garden tractor would be better on the 30 degree slopes than a zero turn because the front tires are connected to the steering, and I would have better control. I am aware that the commercial zero turns are obviously better engineered for this application versus the residential zero turns.
    I assume most of you Pros out there are tired of these types of questions, but I like my research, and there is know better place to hang out than where the Pros are. I trust someone who is not trying to sell me something(Dealer):usflag:, and someone with real world experience like yourselves.

    Thanks in advance to any advice!
  2. jkason

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    While you COULD technically mow with a tractor or a zero-turn, neither one of them will get sufficient lubrication on a 30-degree slope.

    Most engines are goos up to a 25-degree slope (with a filter and pump).
    Otherwise it's a 15-degree slope maximum (splash lubrication system), like most push mowers out there.

    For more than a 25-degree slope, something 2-cycle is usually used.
  3. Rtom45

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    If you have a large area to mow, a machine by Ventrac is the answer to your question. If you just need a self propelled mower, Toro makes a home owner version with a pressurized lubrication system.
  4. nmurph

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    pics..preferrably with something that will give us a vertical reference. how big is the yard, overall??
  5. Lawn-Sharks

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    I use my snapper pro for all my steep slopes & culverts, Man that thing will stick on a slop to the point I'm almost falling out the seat! If you are going to buy a mower don't buy a garden tractor(the dealer is feeding you BS) stick with a full size commercial grade ZTR you wont be dissapointed.

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