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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by southcut, Jun 20, 2001.

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    I have recently taken on a commercial account on a business that was just built. It has a 45 degree pitch to the hill in front and was poorly graded by the contractor. It has been sodded and has sprinklers throughout. The sod won't stay in place when you walk on it, let alone try to mow it with a walk behind. I spoke with the manager today to see if I could convince him to maybe plant shrubs, trees or ground cover on the hill. He told me he was watering it for an hour a day and that should solve the problem. So now I have a rough grade, a steep slope and do more damage every time I try to cut it. Help!!!!!:confused:
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    Frist get him to slow the water down, an hour a day means your putting 3-4" a week down. No wonder it won't stay put. Have him cut nown to 1" a week that way the roots will get into the soil and start holding firm.
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    See if they're willing to pay you to fix it in the fall. We do alot of commercials and new ones are always fun. We find that unless we get to do the finish grading the excavators usually don't care how rough it is along as they get paid. They don't have to mow it. once the sod has a chance to grow and secure to its new home it should be alright. Meanwhile there will be some damage. Just get them pay you to fix it. Don't let them say you damaged it and are responsible(cover your a$$). Make sure they are aware of the problem and it is not possible to do your job without some damage.
    Hope this helps.
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    "Be like a duck, stay smooth on the surface and paddle like crazy below."

    I love that!

    Watering to much on a steep slope will cause the soil underneath to wash out. Educate him. Just do it politely. They need to be water often to keep the soil damp, but should not let the water run until its washing the soil.

    Lawndog makes some great points.
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    if thats what the manager wants ,be sure he doesnt hold you responsible for torn turf. tuff situation

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